Sunday , October 2 2022

The fall of the gang leader who rob cars in Assiut


They have fallen into the hands of public security officers headed by Major General Alaa Salim Masaat Dozir al-Interior, the leader of the gang's establishment specializing in theft of cars in the artificial key Assiut

The data was obtained for the unit of the police department of the second Asiut, according to which Ahmed, the "driver", Mahmoud. F, "mechanically", forming a gangster among them specialized criminal activity in stealing cars on an artificial key road.

After legalizing the procedures in coordination with the Public Security Sector and the Director of Security of Asiut, the first defendant, and in response to him, admitted that he formed the formation of a gang between them, specialized in criminal theft in theft of cars in the form of an artificial key and added them (3) theft and took away the stolen.

A legal action has been taken, intensifying efforts to capture the defendant for the fugitive.

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