Monday , February 6 2023

The governor of the lake who listens to the demands of citizens to meet on a weekly basis


On Tuesday, Brigadier General Hisham Amna, the governor of the lake, met with 36 governor's citizens, whose demands and problems varied according to the situation of each citizen and his circumstances through a weekly meeting for the service of citizens.

The meeting was attended by Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Shahavi, Secretary General, Undersecretary of the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Solidarity, Transport Officials, Park Complex, Heads of Local Units and Chief Directors of Financial, Administrative and Legal Affairs.

And the governor of the lake, to meet with every citizen Sharpness And talk to him and work on completing the problem and ordering it in coordination with the attendees of the interested parties to dismiss their complaints in their own way.

The governor of the lake approved the payment of assistance Financial For 22 citizens, she sent one application to the Directorate Education Education and referral of 3 applications introduction Directorate of Health Around that That 3 requests for traffic administration and 4 requests from the Damanhour Council and Kafr El Davar, as well as 4 requests for social security, administration and administration to consider these requests and work on finding quick and urgent solutions.

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