Tuesday , September 27 2022

The Grand Imam and the President of the House of Representatives are honored with the early high school of Ažar


I have a great University of Al-Azhar, Dr. Ali Ali-A'li and others. But Abdel-Al, the Chair of the House of Representatives, began Thursday in Azhar High School for academic 2017/2018. Godinu.

This honor is within Al-Azhar's desire to motivate and encourage his extraordinary children and motivate them to continue the path of excellence and excellence and serve as a model for what Azhara student should do to combine scientific and academic excellence, moral and moral progress, as well as modernization and positive interaction with the issues. Society and its concern.

The Majesty of imam Al-Akra wanted to contact Al-Azhar high school telephone, right after publishing the results of last July, despite his presence abroad. He also contacted parents' parents to congratulate them on the excellence of their children and thank them for their efforts and care. .

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