Saturday , June 3 2023

The Minister of Sports is dealing with the return of masses in the stadiums


Dr Ashraf Subhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed that the project of 1,000 professionals, talented athletes and Olympic athletes will be highlighted as soon as possible.

He emphasized that there is cooperation with all parties in the sport and production of heroes to process this gigantic file and prove the Egyptian state that it is able to complete projects in very fast and precise time.

"Sport Vision has a social responsibility for this project, as well as informing the Egyptians, the idea of ​​feet has a special nature, the idea of ​​a thousand professionals, and the whole system has been taken from the project to the light."

"We will arrange with foreign experts, in addition to leaving players to spend periods of stay abroad and providing all the ways to succeed so that we have a large group of players including quantity and talent with talent and professional culture."

The Minister of Sports is talking about the return of the public

"We have agreed with the Football Association and the soccer system to enter the stadiums, and our goal in the coming season is to return the public with all our strengths as before, and the stadiums will be developed better in cooperation with the stadiums."

"We thank Muhammad Kamel, President of the Sports Promotion and Stadium Management, as well as the Egyptians, as well as all those who work with us and the institutions that build new youth centers."

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