Wednesday , July 6 2022

Video .. Esperanza fans around the Al Ahli hotel: excitement and thousands of thousands


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Activists on social networks Facebook and Twitter released video to fans of Esperance, confirming they were near the Al Ahli hotel, in an attempt to increase the fears of players and affect their concentration.

The video shows a massive crowd of fans from Esperance, singing loud wages across the area where they were present, while security was seen close to demonstrations.

The first football team in Al-Ahli held its first match in Tunisia at the stadium stadium in Rades, in preparation for a match against Esperance in the second part of the African League final, in the presence of captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club's chief and head of the team's mission.

French coach Patrice Cartieron wanted to give a short lecture to field players before the race, during which he talked about the importance of focusing on the meeting and the need to vigorously point to the crown of the title.

Dutchman Michael Lindmann led the team's weighting schedule with a physical exercise clause for players at the start of the match. The players performed physical exercises according to the load program after they arrived this morning in Tunisia.

Kartheron had a strong game for players during the race, during which he focused on many aspects of the game in terms of preparing players to return to the finals of the African Championship.

The goalkeepers fought under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal, the goalkeeper coach, who wanted his players to perform various training to equip them with a match against Esperance.

Three guards Mohammed Al-Shennavi, Sherif Ekrami and Ali Lotfi clearly appeared during the match, which focused on many aspects of the game.

The team was supposed to play at the University of Tunisia before training at the Rades Stadium.

The Al-Ahli team arrived on Tuesday in Tunisia, where the final match will be held on Friday at Rades Stadium. The Egyptian ambassador to Tunis wanted to receive the mission immediately after reaching Carthage Airport and accompanied him to check all things. At Esperance with three goals against the goal at the Burj al Arab stadium in Alexandria.

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