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Video: The first conflict between lawyer Shirin Abdel Vahab and "Stars Records" ends with a "reconciliation project"


Tonight, Hossam Lutfi, attorney for the artist Sherin Abdel Vahab and Melad Malak, Star Records attorney, held a public meeting with artist Edward on "Cairo Today" on the back of a lawsuit filed by a company that seeks 4 million and 750 thousand contract value. contracted Shirin did not enforce the terms of the contract and sent Edward's advice for everything to resolve the crisis friendly, saying that the number that Abdel Wahab was looking for in "one party" !!

Attorney of the artist Sherine Abdel Vahab, dr. Hossam Lotfi has confirmed that there is a contract between Shirin and Stars Records about the production of 3 albums, adding that Sherine has demanded that the contract be terminated as a result of the circumstances in which it passes through the country.

Lutfi pointed out that Shirin received the contractor's fee for the second album, explaining that the company filed a complaint with the Syndicate of Cinema, demanding that Shirin's artist return the money to a singer, estimated at 4 million and 750 thousand pounds, but the company's channel producing the new album "" He said that the contract had become his property, and asked not to return the money to Star Records.

He continued, stressing that he had agreed with the company to set a date for the start of a real negotiating session "on the table" to reach a solution.

Starred Star "by Milad Malak, after Hossam Lotfi's intervention, arguing that Sherine Abdel Vahab received an amount of 4 million and 750 thousand pounds for the implementation of the new album, but did not abide by the terms of the contract, which provides for Cherin's commitment to deliver the company three albums They only delivered one album.

The lawyer confirmed the documents that Shirin had no right or money in the company and offered letters from the company that asked to spend some time to hand over the albums, and then presented a letter from Shirin demanding the dissolution of the contract with the company.

The angry angel angered the development of Canaon in the current crisis, saying the company had nothing to do with the earlier deal between Sherwin Abdel Wahab and the Star of the World Records, and that he agreed to sit in friendly conversations to solve the crisis of Sharry Abdel Wahab with the stars of the record.

Edwards debated the debate before escalating and addressed Shireen Abdel Wahbu who said: "The amount owed to the manufacturing company should be reduced." Four million and 750,000 countries will be at a party. "

Singer Shirin Abdel Vahab recently released an official statement confirming her full ownership of her latest album, Nassai. She pointed out that the dispute between her and "Stars Records" refers to the company's mismatch with the terms of the termination of the contract, which was signed on January 4 last year.
Sharen said that the company did not pay its obligations on its previous album and thus stopped the money that it paid for the new album, emphasizing that it retains its material and moral right to abuse and shows that it is not committed to the terms of the contract, Closing.

She added that the company had promoted the owner of the new album and claimed that Sheren was threatened with detention, she said that censorship stopped the licenses and resorted to the Syndicate of musicians to investigate Shirin. In addition to deleting the album "Ana Kater" from YouTube, she said: Demonstrating the company's bad faith.

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