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A new discussion on "fuzzy Pikachu" was released on Monday


Three film and television studios have chosen to drop their latest trailers on Monday instead of spreading love this week. Certainly, each trailer is intriguing, but their combined power nerd allows us to see what will come from the three world premieres.

The tip of this year's explosion trailer trailer for Veteran is Detective Pikachu, live action (and decisively west) take an unusual video game of the same name. That title means a few things. First, as a game, this Pokemon universe fork seems to exist outside the collection of -em-all-series series and anime entries. This means there are no signs of famous human characters such as Ash, Daisi, Brock or Team Rocket.

Secondly, the film focuses on a special version of Pikachu that speaks the same language as people, but only his best friend can hear it … and they unite to solve the mysteries. In this case, the mystery seems to be revolving around the father of a missing child – and how his disappearance kept the boy away from life as Pokemon trainer.

official Detective Pikachu trailer

As you can see in the upper gallery and trailer, the movie is still in the Pokemon-filled universe, which means we see the first significant attempt Nintendo to marry with real-life actors and "real" visible Pokemon creatures. Pikachu, in particular, looks like a scorching stuffed animal, while other popular Pokemon characters have their unexpected CGI tapes. (The plastic appearance of Psiduk, for example, reminds me of the appearance of the 80's of George Lucas Hovard the Duck dolls.)

Between this cognitive dissonance and the sound of Ryan Reynolds' voice coming out of Pikachu, it can be said that Detective Pikachu there will, at the very least, be a strange movie. She debuts May 11, 2019.

official Toi Story 4 teaser trailer

Disnei-Picard debuted with his own CGI Toi Story 4 on Monday, although this has a fairly zero pitch on offer. TL; DR: famous characters Toi Story laughs and plays slowly until a new character appears. This is a story of a dispute, and a new crew member screams: "I'm not a toy!" they are sending a fun party in a tizzy.

Perhaps we only have one toy that is not a toy, or something strange can happen in Andy's world that leads to the creation of other objects when people are not nearby. We will have to wait until the vague window "summer 2019" to find out.

official MST3K: Gantlet trailer

The last one is on his pocket Misteri Science Theater 3000, whose second season Netflika has already been published a few months ago. So far, we knew that the show would include the same comedy (Jonah Rai, Felicia Dai, Patton Osvalt) and robotic actors and that this second season will land on Thanksgiving Day with six towels.

Now, we know which movies will be on offer, including similarly horrible Mac and me and the contemporary "mockbuster" waste waste that is Atlantic Rome. Moreover, all the films will be presented with the torturous "watching them in the middle" in the competition of the universe. Given that the series is about the torture of Jonah and his friends, we are happy to see how Shov is based on Netflick's "binging" reputation as a pain-killer.

Picture of Varner Bros.

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