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"Grindelwald's crimes" are less confused, more superfluous: NPR


Back to my beast: Eddie Redmaine returns to his old, squirrel tricks like Nevt Scamander in Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes.

Jaap Buitendijk / Varner Bros. Pictures

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Jaap Buitendijk / Varner Bros. Pictures

Back to my beast: Eddie Redmaine returns to his old, squirrel tricks like Nevt Scamander in Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes.

Jaap Buitendijk / Varner Bros. Pictures

Hands up, everyone who loved him Harry Potter series – books and / or films – at least good enough.

OK, well, that's a lot from you.

Hold them if you arrived by 2016 Fantastic beasts and where to find them An ancestor of human stories, in which Eddie Redmain played magician Nevt Scamander, who came to New York City in 1926 with magical silence and a boring, incredible influence.

Hunh. I thought it would eliminate more of you.

Okay, now only Hold them if you come Fantastic Beasts dissapointed. If you liked posting – the so-called Wizarding War, a release from the US – but you felt the story of a predominant, blurred, overwhelmed crowd that got too inclined into magical critiques. If he took some of your stylish fruits Harry Potter, but none of the special features, none of to feel, none – let's get it out of the way – magic.

Okay. Now. If your hand is not worse, you are justified. This next bit is not for you – you do not care about J.K. Rovling's world, or are you so committed to having failed to ignore the fact that it is Fantastic Beasts it was the kinematical Obscurus – a noisy ball of a violent, meaningless narrative chaos, although Boffo B.O.

That's why with you. Everyone else? Those who still hold? Here it is.

Crimes of Grindelwald is better than the first one Beasts film, not just because it turns out to be such a low bar to clean, but because it has a clearer understanding of what kind of film it wants to be. She feels better Potter, because she assumes a narrative narrative of Harry Potter's story.

Once again: Structurally, that is known, you do not know: Okay.

Can we all admit, here, that the books of Harry Potter and movies were always frustrating at the bottom line? Rovling's characters are thrilled with keeping vital information from Harry – and the extension, the reader – by turning every story into a ersatz, a low-rent mystery, where the goal has never been revealed by the entrance, but to avoid even the most basic understanding of what happened? We will inevitably discover the answers – well, the "discovery" is inaccurate. We will be said, when Rovling was finally sitting Harry to listen to him by an expanded monologue, filled with a secret history, which he could not even be expected of.

It's kind of weeping Crimes of Grindelwald down to a hilarious pseudo-climactic scene out of nowhere, in which the characters who have made the film mugs to kill each other are merely standing on the patience to listen to a series of monologues as they slept kindergartens in the story.

No, it does not work. No, it's not, not a bit, Okay. But this is known.

This is actually an improvement, in a very small, specific way. You will remember that all this information was kept by Harry and his friends, since nobody tells children anything, forcing them to collect any possible intelligence through this most stressful trope in all boyfriends lighting: eavesdropping. Magical recalling, surely, but nevertheless: they would learn something, jump to the wrong conclusion, and continue to work under those misinformations until the last chapter, when someone (usually Dumbledore) finally explained the situation completely. Rinse, repeat. Accio annoiance.

None of this is here.

Nevt Skamander Eddie Redmaine is an adult, and finds things using magic. There is a cool low when he reconstructs the crime scene using a glittering golden magic powder – to reduce the fingerprint. This time, a large number of fun beasts of the beast are chosen faster, but those who appear have a tendency to use strategically, to achieve some concrete result, rather than simply as a means to increase the Vhimsa Film Coefficient.

The performance of Redmaine, like Nevt, remains as straight and odd as ever. But, thanks to a short sequence with a flashback with Teenage Newton played by Joshua Shea, piling up with all Redmain's chest smooth smoothness and cocky look, it seems to be less undermined and yielding, and more defined, distinctive choice.

Of course, one of the main reasons for this Grindelvald works better than the movie that preceded her is the function of her status as the middle trilogy of the film. The work of the world building, whose first film made such a ridge of cattle, has ended and now it's just a task to move various characters across the board like a chess pieces wizard. As such, there is a more unified sense purpose, since all the rejuvenators in the first hour of the film finally lock in place and fit together.

Flame, such as: Young Dumbledore sends Newtown to Paris, where newly-fledged Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) gathers his faithful magical wizards – in an attempt to rule both the magical world and the human world. In the meantime, Ezra Miller (Credence notes) Credence Barebone is … (checking notes again, frowning, shrugging) … Credence Barebone He is also in Paris, looking for his mother, along with the girlfriend of the girl Nagini (Claudia Kim), Maledictus is cursed to turn one day into a snake. (Yes.)

Also, there are love things: Newton and his girlfriend Auror Tina (Katherine Waterston) are at a misunderstanding that can be clarified by talking for ten seconds, but not because Rovling and Rovling. Newton's friends Jacob (Dan Fogler) and Kueenie (Alison Sudol, who work a lot with one of the films of many signed roles for women) appear, and the scenario sets them through some clearly defined changes that to feel like narrative progress.

The main problem of the film is Grindelvald, a criminal who is as boring as he said, charming and lying, although Depp's performance fights against any such reading. It's Grindelvald's character assumed to use guilt and rhetoric to win the wizards on his side, promising them the chance to "live openly and freely love" – ​​a particularly tireless attempt by the script to emphasize the gay subtext between Grindelwald and Lav's Hot Dumbledore only Depp It's like Pantomime baddie.

Everything about the guy is second-class. Voldemort had incredible slits where he needed a nose; Grindelwald is the only, colorful iris. When Voldemort called his followers, a bent skull with a snake that breaks through its eyes that manifest in the sky: that The wizard had it style. When Grindelwald tries the same move, the buildings in Paris simply get dark carpets over them; it is unclear whether he calls the army or renovates the walls.

Well now. All of you who got stuck? Relax. Grindelvald is better, more purposeful, and thus more propulsive than the first film, and has its own unique charm: several characters to which it is referred only Harry Potter Stories appear here, going through the audience in the process. Watching Hogwarts, accompanied by the famous fan of John Williams, applauds.

And for what? The law looks like great as Dumbledore in the agreed tweed (Fantastic Vests and Verse to Find Them!), even if we see it so confused it excites sadness grief in non-expressive clothes and unprocessed jewelry we know lies in its future, only waiting to convert it to the Wizarding World equivalent of the owner of the Santa Fe Gallery named Jade.

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