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Kvasse Appiah will not take us somewhere football


Ghanaian football fans whose emotions are linked to the success of Black Star's success or failure had to be troubled in unbelief when coach Kvasi Appiah told the Ganaian Times last week that he would need more than two years to build solid Black Stars. Even before this publication, some of us asked when his so-called. A team for the future materializes.

Having accomplished his contract, he came to an end, Kvasi Appiah has now found that he needs more time to build a solid team. What he did, he might wonder, in the two years he played with Black Stars, now in the 7th place in Africa and 52th in the world football ranking? Black Stars was already a strong brand before Appiah took over and did not need to experiment or re-brand after three consecutive Ward Cup appearances.

After losing Black Stars to Kenya a few weeks ago in AFCON qualifications, I was amazed, on the one hand, and on the other hand angered by some of the reactions I read. The first was the assessment of one of the auxiliary trainers about the attitude of some of our players and the fact that some of them will be excluded from the team if they continue negative positions when invited to national duty.

Then came what was described as "the hint" of trainer Kvasi Appi that he would recall Asamoah Gian and Brothers Aiev back into the team. The most deadly of all comments was the "refrain" of the legendary Abdul Razak to call more local players in Black Stars.

I have a couple of questions before I get to what I think is a problem with our dear Black Stars. Ever since Black Stars managers realized that some players did not give their best?

Secondly, whether the coach, Kvasi Appiah, finished with an experiment on the field
a different team for each match from his second coming in the "Black Stars", the experiment that led to the gana to drop our respected players and give the opportunity for a minus with the excuse of building a team for the future?

Thirdly, for Abdul Razak, which local players are talking about, the same players who were responsible for the empty stadiums during the games in our league leagues, or the players who just pray that they will be taken away for drinking Europe or China for 500 Euros a month?

Or is it about the same local players who were not able to take our championship clubs out of the group stages of the CAF Champions League over the last ten years or more? If you ask me, the Black Stars problem, at least for now, is Black Stars Coach.

For starters, I have to repeat, because I said it earlier, which I do not believe in
Coach Kvasi Appiah, because I never had the confidence in the coach of a national football team who, apart from playing in his country's home league, or even for his team, did not deserve to play football in one or more of the first league in Europe before continuing he gets his professional training license.

My reasons are four times. Firstly, I noticed that hosts and hosts do not have many options of knowing and trusting that the game in the super-leagues of Europe brings its character and attitude. Secondly, they are usually inconsistent with current and modern game and game regimes.

Thirdly, they tend to be intimidated by the presence of their top players who play in Europe and elsewhere, especially those who are confident or have a strong attitude (naturally, this is what the Ghana calls "arrogance"), because these top players naturally expose the weaknesses of the coaches; implicitly or explicitly when working with them.

The result of this scenario is frustration by the trainer, a feeling that will probably lead to deciding on these players to hide their weaknesses, which in the end negatively affects the stability of their team.
And that's when he talks about the attitude of Karim Zito.

On this subject ATTITUDE footballers, in our discussions we note that this is
"Guys", as we call them, are also grown by professionals in their own right. Representatives' representatives and other officials often demand perfection and results from them as if they were left with something born in the homeland. It is important to note that most of these players are educated and nurtured by their workers who see them as they see them from the toy until they are seen by team scouts and invited to the camp.

The attitude, the negative attitude that is, does not form in a vacuum, starts from somewhere, expands and gestures until it becomes very visible with poor results. In other places, we often read about players who are complaining and threatened to look for transfers because their coaches do not give enough time for the first team, and managers react positively immediately afterwards.

After the World Cup, some players, such as Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial, both of Manchester United, have irritated their manager by exceeding their duties and refusing to join the pre-season progression (Martial has stayed to see his girlfriend who has the first baby ), they are all reintegrated into the first team game.

It is known that players from some big clubs went to the press with what they think about the coach's tactics or method of training, attitude with players and so on, and nothing happens to them. On the contrary, the management of these clubs sometimes takes action to replace the trainer based on the players' feelings and attitudes.

For example, Chelsea players have obviously been responsible for their poor performances over the past few years due to the layoffs of Jose Mourinho in 2016 and Antonio Conte in 2018. From the current events in Manchester United, it seems that Mourinho is likely to leave England for the last time at the end of the current season as his players began to complain about their negative tactics and his relationship with them.

When players do not have ventilation for their frustration, they tend to show in the best way how they know who will lose the matches in order to make the coach unpopular, because he is the one who will ultimately be struck. It is possible that more experienced Black Stars players do not like Kevin Appiah's experimental experimental policy "Today, Tomorrow", and this is what shows in his position in the field of the game.
This trend is even more realistic in an environment like ours, where young people are treated with a colorful warning not to tell the elder man that he has made a mistake, even if it is obviously wrong.

The last reason I will always seek a high-caliber trainer with a distinctive professional gaming and coach record is that the players themselves, when they know that the gaming and managerial pedigrees of their trainer are inferior to them, have no acceptance or motivation to do their best after comparing credentials managers, training regimes, philosophy and pattern patterns, while in the national camp, compared to their clubs abroad.

Everyone can imagine what will happen in training if, hypothetically, caliber Marcel Desailli, Abedi Pele, Stephen Appiah or Michael Essien were on training, assuming they were coaches.

It is worth noting that the giant performances at the World Championships in 2006 and 2010 were under the protection of coaches, Ratomir Djukovic and Milovan Rajevac both former international players. In the meantime came Claude Le Roi, under which we almost won AFCON 2008, was also a former French international. It was Le Roi, who started the international career of Dede Aiev in the same tournament amidst protests by some fans in Ghana that he was too young at age 17.

It is equally worth mentioning that the legendary CK Giamphi, the blessed memory, who led Gina in international fame and as a trainer and trainer in the 1960s, was the one who finally returned as a trainer of the famous Black Stars who won our last Cup of Nations in Libya , 1982 (twenty-six years ago). Coincidentally, CK was the first Ghanaian player to play in Europe, for Fortuna Dusseldorf in Germany.

Fast forward to Brazil 2014, when Kvasi Appiah is in charge when, loudly (respected Kevin Princess Boateng's post becomes Instagram), the player ordered the coach to play Fatau Dauda instead of Adam Kvarasei, as others could not speak Tvi. I also believe that all the intertwining and ugly incidents in the Ghana camp during the tournament would not have escaped and converted as it had passed if we had a competent manager who was responsible and honored by his payer.

This analysis proves the failure of the black stars during the years when they were under ganaine trainers, without a known soccer pedigree, despite the fact that some of them were rewarded as the best things ever happened to our football, including EK Afranie (Coach hene), Sam Ardai, both blessed memories. The former won the first world championship in Ghana with Starlets in 1992, in Italy, and the second followed our second victory in 1995 in Colombia. She was a very different ball with her time with Black Star. Even on the domestic scene, these trainers from Ghana were at best recycled from one league to another, only to be fired after having recorded poor results.

When it comes to pedigree or lack, our current manager, Kvasi Appiah, fits into this second category of trainers. Even his body language on the ground gives him a lack of confidence. The current exception and experimentation with new priceless players is a clear indication that coach Kvasi Appiah is a confused man who struggles with the feeling of inferiority stemming from his knowledge that his pedigree does not fit in with some of his own flying players. The way you fight for this feeling is to always look for an opportunity to confirm. In such circumstances, those who carried the burden of this complex are the most recognizable players, especially Asamoah Gian and the brothers Ive, Deda and Jordan.

In such cases, his explanations are ridiculous. When he excluded two brothers from the final qualifying matches for the World Cup, the coach's explanation was that Brothers Aiev already had the names of hosts who had their seats guaranteed in Black Stars and it is time to try new players.

Then, following their exclusion from friendly games, his excuse for excluding some of the players tested was that most European players were preoccupied with the last stages of their different leagues and did not want to divert them, but that was when the English Premier League finished and Aiev's brothers were already at home, encouraging East Legon in Accra.

As I said earlier, in the coach, contempt expressed hatred for the song and self-confidence of our best players, because their presence makes them feel nervous. And that can be part of the reason why players such as Adam Kvarasei, Geoffrei Schlupp, Baba Rahman and the like and his name Kvasi Appiah (who are now actively playing for AFC Wimbledon) gradually leave the Black Stars?

And that may be the reason why the coach is avoiding further problems because he does not run candles, strong, upcoming and upcoming players such as Fosu Mensah (Manchester United), Hudson Odoi, Ethan Ampadu (Chelsea) and Nketsia (Arsenal) to play for Black Stars .

In the end, the time has been told Quasiah that he is in charge of the Black Stars not to give him a free hand to manage the team in any way he feels and that many Ghana, including myself, believe that while Ghana qualifies for AFCON 2019,
Apparently due to the soft group we are in his desire to deliver the gold medals AFCON 2019, it is very unlikely to materialize, judging by "tomorrow's days tomorrow" in our recent World Cup qualifications that culminated in our generosity, unsuccessful performance in Nairobi.

Some sports lecturers described the loss in Kenya as a loss of shock. It seems that some of us have entered our heads that Ghana is still a team that has won in Africa. This is despite our recent inconsistencies in Coach Appiah, and our inability to win the fifth AFCON since 1982 (36 years ago), and we also qualify for the last World Cup despite the allegedly "soft" qualification group.

I refer to those who think that google will score AFCON qualifiers during the week we lost in Kenya. These were some of the real shocks results: Liberia 1-1 DR Congo; Lesotho 1-1 Cape Verde; Madagascar 2-2 Senegal; Mauritania 2-0 Burkina Faso, Gambia 1-1 Algeria, Namibia 1-1 Zambia, Comoros 1-1 Cameroon, Libya 1-1 South Africa, were some of those I would call a shock with results.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that when the FIFA Standardization Committee finishes its work and becomes the new GFA, one of the first things they have to do is urgently initiate a process for a new Black Stars coach with a desirable pedigree. Otherwise, Black Stars will continue to maintain, recklessly, in the desert for a long time, until Kvasi Appiah stays at the forefront.
If you ask me Quasi, Appia is not a sure task, and we have to look somewhere else. Time will prove to me right.

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