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Maiveather's oscilloscope switch can prove the biggest test


Put Floyd Maiveather's boxing pitch was carefully made without any unnecessary risk, but his release of the Japanese Mixed Martial Arts fight later this month could be his biggest gambler.

Floyd & Monei & # 39; Maiveather at a press conference on April 30, 2016 Image:

TOKYO – The Flight Maiveather's Way for Boxes is carefully made without any unnecessary risk, but his announcement of a fight for a Japanese mixed martial art later this month could be his biggest gambler.

Mayweather's last fight was the all-round boxer victory against MMA Connor McGregor's Irish star in August 2017, but the American was again in the spotlight on Monday when he agreed to make a decision on the next card of the Rizzine Combat Federation.

His opponent, young Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukava, is not undefeated in four MMA fights, although both Maverick and Rizin have found that the exact rules of the December 31 Saitama Contest are still under negotiation.

If Mayweather, one of the greatest fighters ever to enter the boxing ring, decided to try his hand on something new, he would need protection from the extreme elements of cage battles if he had any influence.

Despite being a 41-year-old, his hands continue to have a strong blow, but the addition of elbows, knees, bumps and wrinkles in the MMA is a huge challenge for the boxer with the unbeaten 50-0 record from 1996.

During his professional career, the American was known for his defensive skills, with a precise leg and motionless head movement which made him almost an impossible goal that even the best in the world would agree to the glove.

But as his nickname "Money" and the activity of social media that show his love for a rich environment indicates, his career has ceased to be all about bands and titles.

He is a self-engineered marketing machine and his prestigious fight against the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion McGregor also illustrates a creative approach to maximizing his value.

It appears that Mayweather avoided a lucrative boxing rematch against long-time Filipino rival Manni Packuia in favor of the game for the cross-over MMA audience, many of which left the box for more visceral excitement of the eight-year-old.

His fight against McGregor in Las Vegas turned into a circus media circus and his TKO in the 10th round gave fans the money at least level.

FINANCIAL POSSIBILITYBut a talented but uncertain amateur, McGregor did not have any job in the ring with the boxer of the Maiveather's caliber, and his shortcomings were soon exposed. When the American turned the heat at a later time, the failed Iraqi had no answer.

In the cage, that would be a very different story.

There are six different boxing hits, and McGregor was able to invite a striking arsenal of shock and elbow, plus his wrestling skills, the outcome would most likely be a quick and painful defeat for Maiveather.

Boxer arrives in Rizin without a backdrop and a Brazilian js-jitsu – a martial art that makes the backbone of the MMA exchange – can not be perfectly improved.

The black belt in sports can last 10 years or more.

The possible conversion of Mageveather into the martial cage will provide a fascinating spectacle, and the exciting prospect of a possible second meeting with McGregor, this time in an octagon, fans of both sports throw fans.

However, if such a competition takes place, the sports spectacle will have little chance of matching with the deliberation that will precede it.

Maiveather has a huge financial power and has almost become a ritual for fighters looking for a defensive day and exposure of the media to call it, as the UFC is light champion Khabib Nurmagomedov after submitting McGregor last month.

Perhaps he simply tries to keep the crossover audience he has made with McGregor and that Riz's fight will simply be a boxing cage rather than a ring.

But like everything in modern combat sports, money – in this case, the "money" Maiveather – will eventually call shots.

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