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Prince Charles is a great fan of Meghan


The last thing Prince Charles thinks of these days is becoming the future King of England.

Nick Bullen, an executive producer who has been making programs for the British royal family for almost 20 years, has worked closely with Charles for eight years, Fok Nevs he believes that the prince is more focused on his present role, not the fate he has captured.

Bullen's latest project was a chronous celebration of Charles's birthday for the documentary They are the most entertaining and weird for ITV. Charles exceeds 70 days on November 14th.

"I do not think much about it," Bullen said. "He is the man who lives in the present and all the programs we have made with him, he is now. He has a job to work as a Prince of Wales, what he loves … If you talk to him he surely knows that he will be king one day , but it will come in time. So, it can not be done too much if you really think about it.

"And also, there is the fact that he becomes king for him, then his mother died unfortunately. So I guess it's not something that someone focuses on, at least from her son … [And] When talking to a family, you do not necessarily need to understand that thinking about top-class work. He's thinking about how he can be the most effective prince of Wales today … He just wants to really do business, really good. When he becomes king, he will really do the job well. "

And when it comes to Charles's popularity with the public, a long way came. While he was celebrated as one of the most sought after graduate masters of the seventies, he later described him as impassive during a violent marriage with Princess Diana.

Prince Charles's marriage to Diana provided years of tabloid feed. Photo: AP Photo / Pool, File

Prince Charles's marriage to Diana provided years of tabloid feed. Photo: AP Photo / Pool, File

In 1981, nearly one billion television viewers in 74 countries testify to the marriage of the British successor to the then teacher. However, after she greeted two sons and after four years of separation, the couple was formally divorced in 1996. Diana died at the age of 36 from injuries sustained in a car accident.

"I think that popularity has somewhat vanished [for Charles] when he married Diana, because in many ways he became a star of the show, "said Bullen." And she was allowed to be a star of the show. But as their marriage broke down, and marriages were falling apart, the press needed a negative. And I think there were two villains here. One was [his ex-girlfriend] Camilla Parker Bovles, and the other is Prince of Wales.

"… People watched stories about how this man could leave this absolutely beautiful supermodel woman who was worshiped all over the world for another woman, no matter who the other woman was. So he became a crime piece during the years of Diana. When she died tragically, people again wanted to put their guilt somewhere and I think he had to live through it. He maintained that quiet and peaceful approach … And during the last 10-12 years there was this rehabilitation … I mean people are starting to see who really is. "

Charles and Bovles married in 2005. Bullen said Charles was in peace with his marriage and was fully committed to his long-standing love, 71.

"Everyone we talked to, she said, is incredibly good at laughing," explained Bullen. "She also knows how to get him out of bad mood, known for so long, he has known him since the late '60s, it's a true love story, he's incredibly happy, always called" my dear wife. "He's always there for him."

British successor with his wife Camila and Meghan Markle. Photo: Chris Jackson / Chris Jackson / Getti Images

British successor with his wife Camila and Meghan Markle. Photo: Chris Jackson / Chris Jackson / Getti Images

Bullen pointed out that during Charles's life he always relied on the support of a strong woman he loved.

"In the early days, it was the queen mother," he said. "His grandmother raised him in the early years, because the queen was busy with the queen, it was good to tell him how clever, how ridiculous he is, how many people like him. The Queen's mother really built her confidence in him.

"And from what I know, Camilla now does the same for him … When the queen died, the prince really needed that presence. And Camilla went in many ways to the shoes of her mother's queen and became such a powerful presence and rock in her life , gave him the ability to be alone. "

And Charles also greeted another leading female figure in his circle. His youngest son, Harry, 34, married American actress Meghan Markle in May this year. When the 37-year-old father could not pass through the passage, Charles immediately went in and took his place.

A magical moment, Charles arrived Meghan down the passage. Picture: BBC

A magical moment, Charles arrived Meghan down the passage. Picture: BBC

Harry and Meghan, now Duchess Sussex, expect the first child. Bullen said grateful Charles had someone like him first Suits the star next to him. Charles is also aware that Meghan has a key new role for the family.

"From what I know, he's a great fan of Meghan Markle," Bullen said. "… He only wants his boys to be happy. He knows that these boys had a rough life with his marriage that breaks down in the whole world, and then they lost a mother in a very young age … And Meghan did Harry very happy and makes Prince of Vales happy.

"He wants what every father wants for his son … And he also sees that he is good for his family. He is excellent, really smart, he loves Prince Harry, is great on the scene – she is a great asset to the family. part of the future of the monarchy, and he knows it. "

This story originally appeared in Fok Nevs and was reissued with permission

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