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Who is the Japanese mysterious man?


The latest fight for FLOID Maiveather Jr. fascinated the public from the moment it was announced, against one of the most prominent MMA stars of all time.

The next opponent of Mayweather will send most fans to Google search.

On New Year's Eve, Meatheder, 41, will retire from retirement and fight – a match of undetermined rules – Japan's Tenshin Nasukava, who is also undefeated in the ring, holds the 27-0 record in boxing and 4-0 in the MMA.

Two will print at the event for the Rizin Fighting Federation – a Japanese MMA promotion that was established in 2015.

"When I was offered it, I immediately accepted it without any delay," Nasukava said through the translators. "I would probably say that this is the biggest event in my life so far, and I am very pleased that this will materialize.

"I am a little surprised myself, nobody has defeated my opponent in the past, and I would like to be a man who makes history. My stroke can change history, I will show you that, so please be ready."

Twisted, 20, has significant obstacles to overcoming, beyond experience. Maiveather (50-0) is 1.73m high. The collapse is 1.65m. Maiveather fought UFC Superstar Conor McGregor at 68kg. She knocks, a lesbian, currently holds Rizin's featherweight belt, at 57kg.

There is a 21-year difference between Maiveather and Nasukava, and at yesterday's Tokyo press conference, they cut very different numbers. A Japanese fighter, with colored blue hair, wore a shirt and jacket button while "Money" appeared in a sweatshirt.

McVeira's clothing attracted the attention of McGregor, who hit his former Instagram foe. The Iraqman likened the odd pair with the actors Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the stars of the movie franchise Rush Hour.

"Is it a Floyd haha ​​vtf swimsuit or footwear," McGregor wrote. "Is it hot in Tokyo or what's the story here? This climate change is not a joke f *** me hahah.

"What's going on here? Who is that little asshole next to you? That's crazy with *** Rush Hour 5 or something. Chris Tucker and Jackie f *** ing Chan back to this b *** h.

"F *** ing brilliant. Mad little b ***** d you are Floid. Fair f *** s for you." "It's not a lie."

Crowd started kickboksing in the sixth grade and allegedly made the 99-5-1 amateur record, which was awarded in February 2017 by the emergence of former IBF champion Amnat Ruenroeng.

"I'm not particularly concerned with the rules, with or without the blows," Nasukava said of the upcoming battle with Maiveather. "The boxing rules would not bother. My opponent looks taller than he actually is, but I think I could hit him."

According to Blaacher's report, Nasukava showed something special in the world of 13-year-old kikboksing and allegedly passed for 15 years.

"You could see the signs of a young star earlier … he created the guys," said MMA and Kickboking coach Steven Vright for the Bleacher Report. "He could beat you with clean kickboxing results or take something he saw in the movie and make it perfect for the opponent."

Independent reports Nasucava is also highly qualified in Muai Thai after training in Thailand and boasts 23 nails among his 27-0 pro kickboxing record. The young pistol is also 4-0 in his professional MMA career and is one of the most profitable faces in Rizin's barn.

In May of this year, Nasukava delivered a notorious move called "thunderbolts" to send Yusaku Nakamura to the floor, joining the flush with the inner leg.

Although the initial blow did not end the fight, Nasukava delivered a final shot in the second round when he hit his opponent with his left hand that forced the referee to get in and out of things.

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The demolition work is praised from all over the world by the MMA.

However, Nasukava is not fearless.

"Ghosts are weird as hell," he told last March.

Aliens, too.

"There is definitely a life outside of the Earth," Nasukava said. "I believe they were here in front of us."

Maiveather said the "weight classes and rules" would be completed in the coming weeks, refusing to confirm whether the fight would be under the box or the MMA rules. The American, undefeated in over 50 battles, has never fought off the United States, making his bizarre move in career even more unbelievable.

Rizin Nobuiuki Sakakibara, Executive Director of Rizin, said the promotion of the MMA was delighted to convince Maiveather to participate in a "history-making event."

"First we have to persuade Mr. Maiveather to come on December 31st in the ring at Rizin Ring," he said. "As you know, Mr. Maiveather is undefeated, but all his fights were in the US. He had the desire to fight outside the United States.

"We are happy to persuade him to come to Japan because of this event that made history. In the second phase, when we knew that Mr. Maiveather would be in the New Year's rice ring, we thought of a suitable opponent and he had only one: Tenshin. "

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