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Will Brian Cranston be in "Breaking Bad"? The actor is eager to contact Walter Witte again


The man who played Valter Vhite has good news Breaking Bad fans. For anyone to wonder if Brian Cranston will be in the rumors Breaking Bad film, the actor has discovered that he may have something to cook, during an interview on Wednesday, November 7th Dan Patrick Shov. "Yes, there seems to be a film version Breaking Bad, "Cranston, who plays in the AMC series from 2007 to 2013, confirmed to the former host of ESPN at his radio show." But I honestly did not even read the script, so I could not tell you. "

News of the possible Breaking Bad the film first went through Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday 6 November, quoting unnamed sources saying that Emmi's award-winning "creator Vince Gilligan" series works on a two-hour film, although it remains unclear whether it will be theatrical release or made for television. "(Bustle reached out to representatives of Gilligan, AMC and producer Sony Pictures Television after publishing the report but did not receive an answer.)

While Cranston admitted in an interview because he had not yet received the script, "there is a question of whether or not we will see Walter Witte in this film," "absolutely" would be interested to repeat the role that earned the four best actors in the Primetime Emmi Award Prize Series ):

"If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, surely, absolutely. He is genius and it's a great story, and many people who felt they wanted to see some kind of ending on some of these stories that remained open … This idea , from what I have been told, they fall down … at least a few characters who were not finished until their journey. "

Patrick Shov Day at IouTube

How the fans remember safely, when Breaking Bad assumed his final gift in 2013, Valter White died, and the actor admits – if his professor of chemical high school in high school turned into a sign of meta-laboratory play, he came back – he has no idea what capacity he would be. Cranston, who admitted he had talked about a project with Gilligan, presumed, however, that he might have appeared in the flash. Another possibility is that the plot can be followed on the road Breaking Bad spin off You better call Saul, whose actor Bob Odenkirk finished the fourth season in October. (AMC also updated the series for the upcoming fifth season.)


After THR reported that the project is currently being called Greenbrier, the Albukuerkue Journal was able to conclude that the film is likely to focus on Jesse Pinkman (starring Aaron Paul), who was finally released from the clutches of his merciless leader in the finale. Reason? Newspapers confirmed via the Film Office, Nev., That the project was named Greenbrier is scheduled to begin shooting in Albuquerque in mid-November and will allegedly follow the "escape of a kid of a kid and his quest for freedom". However, they could not say whether or not Greenbier actually it is tied to Breaking Bad. (A famous note, for anyone who does not know: Breaking Bad both were taking place and filmed in Albuquerque.)

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Cranston – who is currently playing in the Broadway game Network – also told Patrick that returning to the role of Walter Wyatt for five and a half years after the production is to be like finding a "sweatshirt you once wore" in an old suitcase.

"I think if I put my clothes and shave my head and put my glasses and maybe Heisenberg's hat, I think those talismans could quickly send me fast," he added.

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No matter whether or not it will end up in the film, there will be no preservation of Cranston from the set – for the sake of nostalgia, if nothing else. "I'm excited about it because that's it Breaking Bad, he said in his radio interview. "It was the greatest professional period in my life, and I can not wait to see all these people again, even if I just get to visit."

While fans are waiting for an official confirmation of the AMC, Cranston gave them now enough reason to remain hopeful that the film materializes.

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