Sunday , April 2 2023

18 million funds to research pediatric cancer tonight?


Face, fight and emotions. Little Augustine touched many people in the area after more than two months fighting luminous carcinomas, a brain tumor tumor. A four-year-old girl died on October 8, but her family continues to fight for research advancement. With other parents and relatives of sick children, the Wanderer Augustine Association joined the Growing Up Cancer Movement, a set of 85 associations and several doctors to convince MPs to donate more medical research.
Among the priorities, the amendment will be put to the vote of the deputies, tonight in the National Assembly, to unlock a dedicated fund of 18 million euros: "This voice must gather, it's not political, just choice men and women to support basic and translational research, because there are the real reasons for hope, says Steeve de Matos, president of Vonder Augustine, and just elected Vice President of the Adult without Cancer. With 18 million a year, we can hope for the final results in 3 to 4 years. " Associations also rely on the bill, "to determine the framework, to proceed further in general cases of childhood cancer, including the right to be forgotten, compensation for parents who stop work even if Article 1 does not provide enough funding for funding." Hence the importance of this vote tonight, to unlock 18 million euros, as the first step towards positive progress against pediatric cancer.

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