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At what time do you burn the most calories a day?


A recent study confirms that we burn about 10% more calories resting late in the afternoon and early evening compared to early morning. And everything would be a story of a circadian rhythm.

Cut off from the world

You can thank the seven volunteers for this studio. They passed all month locked in the lab, completely cut off from the world and I can not know how many hours it was (no watches, no windows, no phone, nothing). The aim of this study was to analyze how the inner clock of the body, deprived of its markers, can affect the metabolism in peace.

Every night participants were asked to go to bed four hours later than the day before. Time differences that correspond to what a person could experience if she is They traveled for the world on Sunday.

weight of the child
In the holiday more calories late in the afternoon and early evening. Credits: PublicDomainPictures / Pikabai

"Because each week (metabolically) was the equivalent of moving around the world, the inner clock of their body could not continue with it."says Jeanne Duffi from the Sleep and Zirconal Disorders Department at Brigham and the Women's Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. She is also a co-author of a study published in the journal Current biology. "This means that the body clock" oscillated at its own pace "or kept its own time without resorting to external signals. This allowed us to measure the rate of metabolism of every hour of the biological day".

Late afternoon and early evening

After a month, the observation comes out as we spend on average 130 calories later and early in the evening compared to early morning, where body temperature is colder. And this for the same level of activity (ie in peace).

"The fact that a one-hour day consumes a lot more calories than you do the same thing at another time of the day surprised us"explains Kirsi-Marja Zitting, a co-author of the study. She also notes that these results could, for example, explain why people who do not respect their regular schedule have a higher risk of obesity.

You will understand, if you want to maximize weight loss, it is necessary Maintain regular sleep and meals. And if you want to do this, your training (if the goal is to lose weight) will also be more effective at the end of the day than early in the morning.


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At what time do you burn the most calories a day?

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