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Claude Lelouch dedicates the final recognition to "Man of His Life" Francis Lai


VIDEO – After the main blowMan and womanPalme d'Or, 1966, director and melodies, friends from the set, worked together for thirty-five films. Claude Lelouch adores his "angel", disappearing on Wednesday.

Francis Lai and Claude Lelouch, cinema pairs as mythical ghosts Nino Rota-Federico Fellini and Ennio Morricone-Sergio Leone. In an RTL interview, the directorMan and woman he spoke with great emotion about remembering his missing friend: "He was the man of my life, he was an angel, disguised in the accordion. We made thirty-five films and we had a love story that lasted fifty years." He remains for me the greatest French melodic man. "

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Chabababada written by Pierre Barouh and composed by Francis Lai participated in the legend of the film Claude Lelouch, Golden Coat at the Cannes Film Festival in 1966. The director returned to this wonder, the result of their direct disagreement: "Francis Montmartre was then living , it was a pearl's house from anything else. We set ourselves up under the moldings, not to throw noise for our neighbors, in a harmonic bed, and that day led me to listen to the theme of the topic. Everyone was wonderful, but that was not the theme I asked for, and before leaving, he said: "There is another, I have a small start" and he made me listen Man and woman and I told him, "That's it, let's hold it!" Then the film artist added, proud of his film masterpiece: "When Jean-Louis (Trintignant) and Anouk (Aimee) walk to the beach, it's because Francis's music makes them walk."

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Francis Lai will also have the grace, such as Johnny Hallidai, for the last time he could sing viewers with a posthumous melody, the film music of the next Lelouch. The director as the ultimate gift to his friend wanted to discover: "We just made our last movie to go up and this is perhaps the most beautiful movie, I'm sad that he did not have time to see him."

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