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David Hallidai faces Laeticia Hallidai causing success My country is love


David Hallidai, who interviewed Paris on November 11, spoke of the release of the last letter, the first single of his next album. But Johnny Hallidai's son also welcomed the success of Love My Country, and sending a subtle cone to Laeticia …

Loaded a weekend for David Hallidai. Last night, the singer was on the stage of NRJ Music Avards in 2018 to present for the first time My last letter. Tito's award to his father, who will be one of eleven trails to appear on his next album titled I have something to tell you. Before you release a disc, December 7, 2018, David Hallidai already had a lot to say in the columns Paris. In this interview published on Sunday, November 11, Johnnia Hallida's oldest son points out this title close to his heart, as well as the footage that he followed. The job he entrusted to his sister, Laurie Smet, who tried the video My last lettersymbol in a gift idol of young people.

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United, two of the oldest of Johnny Hallidai, provide co-operation that promises to be rich in emotions for fans of the performersTurn on the fire. These have already been swayed by the release on October 19th My country is love. Johnny Hallidai's famous posthumous album was given historically welcome, breaking all the records on their way. As the disc sold more than a million sold copies, less than a month after putting it into operation, David Hallidai was apparently listened to the success of his 51st studio album. This opus, the son of Silvio Vartan, is still not coming listen to it completelytoo calm in the voice of his sick father. But the album has been in the middle of a dispute over Laeticia Hallidaia for a long time. If, finally, David and Laura did not get the right questioning they asked, they again showed their dissatisfaction mostly silence day of release My country is love.

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So when we asked him what he was thinking sold millions of albums David Hallidai, posthumously, issued an unclear answer from his father: "Of course, his success makes me happy. And sad at the same time for other reasons ". He hoped "That's right" believes in it "The most important thing is that fans are happy". John Halliday's son actually put pressure on his father's wonderful relationship with his public: "He gave them a lot, but they brought him back. What kind of love he has in all this, that's great!". But David Hallidai also used the expression of a lot of insanity, which could be intended for his mother-in-law: " In this world of the abuserGive some love, do not you? "

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