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Football: Olivier Giroud breaks the taboo of homosexuality


Olivier Giroud is a player who is not afraid to engage and communicate about his convictions. For example, he has often mentioned his relationship with religion. In the interview figaro, the attacker of the world champion with the French team deals with issues that are one of the most important taboo topics in football: homosexuality. He returns to the "day." [il a] she discovered that homosexuality is a taboo in football. "

"When I saw that Thomas Hitzperger came out in 2014, it was very emotional," Olivier Giroud began, citing January 8, 2014, when the German international published its homosexuality in the columns zeit. "I told myself here that it's impossible to show his homosexuality in football," said Olivier Giroud, who then played in Arsenal.

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"It's a real test"

"There are a lot of testosterones, chambers, collective showers in the wardrobe … It's hard, but that's it. I understand the pain and difficulty of the boys to get out, that's the real test after I've been working for years," says a Chelsea player figaro.

But Olivier Giroud also pronounces his obligation against this taboo: "I am ultra-tolerant in that, when I was in Montpellier, I was involved in this fight by making one particular stubborn ; in Arsenal, when they asked me to wear "Rainbow lace" in support of the gay community, I did it. There is still a lot of work in football on this topic, to say the least, "he concludes.

In 2018, a prominent football player is not open gay.

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