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Fuels: Macron announces measures at the margin


"Yes, it is on the rise, but largely due to the price of oil. At 70-80%, this is due to world prices. Call for Europe 1 On Tuesday morning, Emmanuel Macron is particularly prominent in the fight against fuel increases. While the mobilization day was scheduled for November 17, the President of the Republic wanted to do pedagogy, reminding that the increase in fuel prices was not attributed only to state taxes.

Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday in Europe that he would want to look at "how to improve energy control" for modest households and expand the tax relief for travel assistance launched by the region of Hauts-de-Frans. "We need to look at how to improve energy control, because we can not allow people, when the winter begins, in a situation that does not allow them to attain dignity," said the President of the Republic. Created to replace social tariffs for electricity and gas, this check will be carried out in 2019 to 200 euros a year on average, compared to 150 euros this year. About 3.7 million households were paid in an uncertain situation.

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Calling Hauts-de-France transport aid for those who travel more than 30 km a day on a "good philosophy", he confirmed that "this aid will be without tax." When asked "in the whole territory?" He replied: "Absolutely. "We need to help our most eminent citizens who have no choice," said Emmanuel Macron in an interview Monday in Verdun. Referring to the everyday life of those who have to travel 30 or 40 kilometers daily, he said: "I understand their anger, they feel trapped and consider it unfair. In connection with the call to block the roads on November 17 in protest of the rise in the price of diesel the President of the Republic said that "he is suspicious of these main mobilization calls to block everything." "Because, in general, behind everything we find everything and everything, things that have nothing in common and people who do not have many projects for the country, if not and closed it, "he added. He is the president "The government is heading in the right direction. You need less taxation, which is the case: you saw your contribution that has fallen, and you will continue to see this movement, and we need to taxing more of what is polluting, "said Emmanuel Macron.

"Real European Army"

Emmanuel Macron also spoke about many other issues during this interview for more than twenty minutes. The possibility of the European issue turning to the 2019 elections. Europe will not be able to defend itself without a "real European army," he defended himself in Europe. "We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a real European army." With regard to Russia, which has proved to be threatening at our borders. ..), we must have a Europe that defends itself more, exclusively dependent on the United States, and more sovereignly, "the head of state said in an interview taken Monday night.

Emmanuel Macron quotes untitled "authoritarian forces that reappear and re-emerge on the borders of Europe". He called for "protecting us from China, Russia and even the United States", calling for an American decision to withdraw from the nuclear disarmament treaty of the 1980s: "Who is the main victim in China?" He asked. "Europe and its security. The EU is struggling to adapt to the new geopolitical context of President Donald Trump's desire to reduce US involvement in Europe's defense. In 2019 a European Defense Fund will be established to develop the military capabilities of the member states and promote the EU's strategic independence. At the same time, Paris launched eight European partners with a European intervention group that could quickly carry out a military operation, evacuate a war in the country, or provide assistance in the event of a disaster. Improved defense capability of Europe is one of the "projects" Emmanuel Macron made in his interview to answer the "fears" of Europeans.

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With police officers at school?

Emmanuel Macron wants the police to be put into the school "open", but "it is always necessary that the decision-making educational community". "It is an unacceptable violence, I asked the minister to react, there was the first reaction that is there and I want him to go far further," the president said in an interview that was broken Tuesday by Europe 1 on the October issue of the video a video that threatened a student with his teacher with a puppet weapon in Creteil High School. "Our youngsters need security outside (…), but they need authority in school," said the head of state, for whom "authority in schools" is primarily the "authority of the head of school and school teachers." "Fear will change sides," said Emmanuel Macron, expanding "what we see in school, in the districts of the Republic (…) against the police." "This is a detailed work, which is a work of civilization, moral, educational, cultural and security. In neighboring areas," in the fight against human trafficking, narcotics and gangs, we will be very strong, "he said, promising future announcements. pledged to "re-establish the public service", "reopen the republican presence" with the reopening of police stations, post offices or tax centers. "We will do this in the neighborhood, I will announce in the coming days," he said. to reveal the meaning of work, merit, authority of all st arousal, at all levels, and mobilizing the entire nation to arrive there, "the head of state concluded.

Emmanuel Macron also condemned the rise of Benalla's affair, saying "we may have lost the spirit of measurement," even though they were indeed "serious facts". "Many of the things that were said during those weeks turned out to be wrong, we are creating a lot of escape. I'm sorry," comments the President of the Republic. "We see, as Blum said at some other time, sometimes ghosts dissolve, little happened last July," the head of state said. Alekandra Benalla "was wrong on May 1 last because the observer (…) intervened, and that was not acceptable," the head of state said. "These are serious facts, but 1) Elisee did not hide anything, 2) did not intervene at the request of Elizabeth at demonstrations, and 3) there was never a private security or private police service on Eliseu," said Emmanuel Macron. The president also called for "leniency, including those who committed crimes". "Alekandra Benalla, made mistakes. Does he deserve to be treated as the greatest criminal at large? I'm not sure, we have to think that people have their own lives, their families," the head of state called.

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