Tuesday , May 30 2023

LIVE – Quadruple trial: the family expresses the memory of the victim


Six points came to our attention on Wednesday:

1) Civil party lawyers, who are seeking the accused to pronounce, the accused "missed the opportunity" and arrested the president of the court, who twice refused to give Micel Fourniret a floor outside the court. planned schedule.

2) The judge finally agreed to allow the Accused to speak. Maybe a little late. Michel Fourniret was no longer ready to speak at the end of the day. "I could say something. There I have nothing to say," he said in the latest provocation that he only has a secret.

(3) Prior to that, former wife of Phoenix, Nicole C. she hoped the Accused would speak and reveal all the murders he committed to free the spirits of their families. "We have nothing to lose. She told the court. The accused appeared before him.

4) The court of former husband Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch has been questioning the court for a long time, sometimes giving the impression that he is accused. What his attorneys failed to point out. The former gangster asked his former friend, "bitch-to-bone," to discover the place where his wife Farida Hammiche's body was buried, killed in April 1988.

5) Hearing of the police, the story of the crime appears to be based exclusively on the statements of Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivia, who are sometimes contradictory during the investigation. Without any disclosure, the detection of the victim's body depends solely on the good will of the accused.

6) As a result, civil party lawyers raise the question of whether Michel Fourniret was subjected to a victim of sexual violence before killing her. The applicant denied any sexual assault on the investigators, explaining that the motive was purely malicious.

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