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Marie Antoinette's pearl pendant is sold in Geneva for $ 36.2 million


The jewel was the front of the sale that was organized by Sotheby's Wednesday night and was challenged ten minutes. Another nine other pieces belonging to the French queen, and then held by Bourbon-Parma, were scattered.

A royal label like Marie-Antoinette, a beloved or damned figure, had every chance to provoke wild passions and beat the auction. On Wednesday night, the Queen electrified Geneva, a market in jewelry market, where Sotebi broke his jewels, which they talked about in the last few weeks. Bidders from 43 countries (including 55% of online customers) were at this historic meeting on the coast of Lake Geneva.

At approximately 10:35 am, under the hammer of David Bennett, the world's jewelry director in Sotheby's, the latest sales series, a beautiful diamond pendant with a pearl-shaped pearl of exceptional size jumped to 32 million Swiss francs (the price of hammer, 36.4 million Swiss francs with taxes, or 36.2 million dollars). The battle was long and tense between bidders from the Middle East and the second, European, on the phone to get this record for the pearl. Finally, he was a European who won. Brochure is estimated between 1 and 2 million Swiss francs (between 890,000 and 1.78 million euros).

The sale began with a bang when the auctioneer announced the magic name Marie-Antoinette to start the auction. Among the other parade series, the beautiful earrings adorned with fine beads that remained at 447,000 Swiss francs (including taxes), estimated at 200,000 to 300,000 Swiss francs, a pearl of fine pearls, whose valuation did not exceed, but not 70,000 Swiss francs, to 447,000 Swiss francs and triple to 2.3 million Swiss francs. The ring with the hands of the Queen "MA", which contains one of her hair locks, was estimated very modestly from 8,000 to 10,000 Swiss francs, flew from the first minute to 447,000 Swiss francs. It was a Russian buyer who took it.

The Louis XIV woman had a lot of diamond jewelry, including the beautiful brooch from the late eighteenth century, decorated with a beautiful yellow diamond. The diamond knot belonged to Marie Antoinette, and later a yellow diamond was added. Estimated between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000, it ended up at 2.1 billion Swiss francs (at a fee).

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A few hours before the sale, the excitement began to grow. "We have a lot of orders from all sides, indicating that buyers from the Middle East and Asia would be in the game. The Chinese, the enthusiastic kingdoms and the empire obviously realized the historical magic of those jewels," said expert Magali Tesseire, director of the jewelry department Sothebi & Brief note: The Legion of Honor Museum would like to buy a series of 87, the Order of the Holy Spirit broke its diamonds to the will of Charles Charles and reassembled it on a tire that is also on sale.

Without the province of Marie-Antoinette, such prices would never be available. It must be said that this mythical pedigree enabled Sothebiu to make a big bet. Auction auctions that ended in the catalog, to make the show unfinished, ten pieces made a world tour, from Hong Kong to Dubai, via New York, London, Singapore, Taipei and at the end of Geneva. When asked about the time when the Charpentier Gallery was fully occupied with the sale of the houses of Pierre Berg in October, Paris was deprived of seeing these gems. It was to do a little France, the land of kings and queens, where these gems would deserve to return, to go to Louvre or even more to Versailles, in the house where Marie Antoinette lived while her escape did not fail on June 20 and 21, 1791 in Varenne, with Lui KSVI and his family. Before she left, she sent her jewelry to Brussels, which was handed over to her relatives in Austria, her homeland.

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Arrested in Varennes, Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette were guilty in October 1793, and their son, Louis XIV, died in captivity. The only survivors of the French Revolution, their daughter, Marie-Therese of France, was released in December 1795. Upon his arrival in Vienna, the Austrian emperor gave him the gems of his mother, apparently preserved. Without children, she left her part of her nephew and adopted daughter Luiz from France, a Duchess of Parma, and the grandchild of King Charles X, who sent her to her son, Robert I, the last duchess of Parma. Like all other parts of the sale, they Marie-Antoinette come from all branches of scattered families in Europe. Sold in Geneva, they do not come under the influence of weapons used by French museums at will, most often with the ranking of "national treasures", which prevents the piece from leaving the territory and loses on the auction an international one.

As a supporter of the national heritage, the radio and television show Stephane Bern sounded the alarm in mid-October, reacting to this sale Sotheby's on his tvitter account. Before launching a debate on BFMTV: "What if the Louvre Museum and the Ministry of Culture returned to France this historic heritage?" "Certainly, starting from a good idea, but we have to act, immediately addressed, Pierre-Jean Chalencon, the famous Napoleonic memories collector became the star of the" Deals concluded "about France 2.

This passionate fireworks displaying its empire at the Shanghai Himlaias Museum has opened the way, which will end on December 31, 2018, in order to raise funds for the purchase of some of the famous jewelry. "Please, it's not enough just to say you want," he said to his Facebook account, you must also participate in the amount of your funds. So go and click. "Using his popularity, he shouted:" What our inheritance has sank! If the French state does nothing, I am ready to leave my country and offer my collection elsewhere when I decide. "Tonight was behind his phone trying to buy a lot or more. We know its reactivity, which often turns into impulsiveness. This time it can be good!

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