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Marilou Berri gave birth to her first child


Marilyn Berry is Mom! She shared a photo of her baby on Instagram and discovered the name of the newborn baby.

Marilou Berri lives happy days: The 35-year-old actress gave birth to a boy. On Wednesday, November 14, on her Instagram account, she shared a photo of her baby, which was in her hands. She also revealed her name. Son of Marilou Berri and his companion Alekis is called Anda, as in the song of Rita Mitsouko. This is the first child of Marilou Berry. The artist simply commented on the "new life" on the social network For a year, he shares the lives of street artist Alekis, called The Diamond. They were first spotted together in June 2017 at Roland-Garros tribunes. A few weeks later, the actress revealed in Paris: "I met my dear on Instagram."

Marilyn Berry and his son Andy

Marilyn Berry and his son Andy © Instagram

Just on her Instagram account, Marilyn Berry announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago. The young woman used the film "Josephine Forget" on TF1 to reveal his baby. "It's not Josephine, who in any case completes …" she wrote. A surprising pregnancy since she discovered in an interview at the Paris Parade in 2016 that she does not know if she wants children. "I'm afraid to be born, I do not like my baby, I find it ugly, I lose my husband, episyphiom …" she worried. Fears that flew after Alexis's meeting.

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