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Steam: Cryptomonnaies, NFT … Valve serre la vis


News jobs Steam: Cryptomonnaies, NFT … Valve serre la vis

Now firmly established and partly responsible for the lack of computer hardware, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Aethernum are no longer welcome on Steam, as are unique digital objects and all blockchain systems.

Note: The video above dates from June 8 and evokes rumors relayed by Tom Henderson, suggesting that cryptocurrencies could play a role in the next GTA.

We are starting to get to know cryptocurrencies well, and some countries like El Salvador have even adopted Bitcoin as their official currency. Decentralized, these currencies it is traded all over the world and outside the conventional currency system. For their part, NFTs still have little set-up problems, but the principle is as follows: give a unique character to a virtual object to guarantee its value and authenticity. All this works around a a virtual account book protected from unauthorized viewing, called a blockchain. When the transaction is confirmed, it integrates this “book” and the “page” rotates. From there, many developers tried to develop related applications and games probably allowing it to be rewarded in cryptocurrency or in NFT.

Steam: Cryptomonnaies, NFT ... Valve serre la vis

Some of them came out on Steam, like Age of Rust. However, Valve decided to end the break and simply ban all titles using blockchain, cryptocurrencies or NFT. The platform has also updated the rules sent to authors to inform them of this ban. So far, Steam has not given an explanation for this decision, but the platform could they want to protect themselves from potential fraud. However, people reacted with the decision Epic Games, which announced that it is open to this type of content through its Epic Games Store platform. However, Epic announced it in September The NFTs were incompatible with titles like Fortnite.

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  • Sources: The Verge / SpacePirate
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