Saturday , June 3 2023

Tarik Ramadan, charged with rape, was released on bail


"I do not have to run away, I am completely innocent of what I am accused of: after almost ten months of imprisonment in France in the event of rape, Tarik Ramadan received a acquittal on Thursday morning under the supervision of the judge after pleading his case before the Court of Appeal in Paris.

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The issuance of a 56-year-old Swiss Islamologist remains, however, subject to a pre-payment of a deposit of 300,000 euros, according to a judgment of the educational chamber by his lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigni.

After being released from prison in Fresnes, near Paris, where he is, Tarik Ramadan, who will have to surrender his Swiss passport, is forbidden to leave the territory, to contact the applicants and several witnesses. It will also have to send a police station once a week.

Professor Ramadan, a longtime influential and controversial figure of French Islam, was indicted and imprisoned on February 2 for raping two women, Henda Aiari, and a media called Christelle, whose subsequent complaints launched their business in the autumn of 2017.

Both claim that they were sexually abused in 2012 in Paris for the first and 2009 in Lyon for another.

"I would go where I go when everything goes to my virginity (…) I will stay in France and defend my honor and my innocence," he said at the hearing, under the sight of his girlfriend and a dozen cheerleaders, dressed in "Tariq Ramadan" .

The investigative board really accepted, at the request of the defense, not to order secret but almost systemic detention in Paris, providing an intellectual first appearance to the public since his imprisonment.

Dressed in red sunglasses, glasses, bright beard, Tarik Ramadan used this opportunity to plead for his innocence for twenty minutes, energetic and good, standing in a box.

"I just spent ten months in jail, I'm innocent, I pay for my health, I can not walk normally," said Ramadan, who suffered from multiple sclerosis whose treatment, however, was considered compatible with retention.


This request for release, fourth, last week, dismissed judges who were afraid to include pressure on prosecutors, an argument re-launched Thursday by the prosecutor.

It was filed after a hearing in late October, when Mr. Ramadan finally admitted "consensual" sex with charges. After a year of complete defeat, the discovery of unambiguous SMS exchanges led him to change his version.

"I never raped, I did not rape, the truth is that I made a mistake, I thought about protecting my family, it was a mistake and stupidity for me to make this lie," he explained. "But who has lied most? Who manipulated the movement of # MeToo?", Advocated Mr. Ramadan, accusing his accusations of "spreading through the media."

"I want you to decide in your soul, in conscience, not because my name is Tarik Ramadan and I am demonized in this country," he told the judges.

In turn, defense attorneys and two appellants have previously dismissed charges against the protagonists of the case and their escorts. "These two women are regularly endangered, insulted, and the Ramadan takes its community as hostages," said lawyer Henda Aiari, Francis Szpiner.

"The release of Tarik Ramadan is logical in the light of the latest developments in the case that show the charges of rape are collapsing," his lawyer Marsigni said on Thursday night.

But for the lawyer "Christelle", "everyone could hear that the court would not pronounce it because of their guilt or innocence." On the contrary, "it is obvious that Mr. Ramadan's confessions after nine months of lies were played in this decision" to release him, added Me Eric Morain.

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