Thursday , June 1 2023

The beginning of the end of fixed telephony on Thursday


It's the end of an era. Beginning this Thursday, November 15, Orange will begin removing a landline. The death sentence signed this summer, but this will not happen overnight. The phone on the landline will not disappear completely, but the technology will change. The relocated telephone network (PSTN) has reached the end of its life: the current operator is increasingly difficult to buy spare parts, quotes Paris
last August.

Fixed phones that still use this technology are those that are directly connected to a T-socket without intermediaries. From now on, Orange wants to use voice IP technology. To work, the phone must be connected to the network via an internet box or a special small box for those who want to have only one fixed line – without the offer in combination with the Internet.

Moving from one technology to another will not happen immediately. As a first step, new customers entering into the 15 November contract will no longer offer a bid using BTI. For current buyers, changes will be gradual. Orange plans to permanently reduce the RTC, region by region, only from 2023.

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