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the resident recorded and left the building 15 minutes before the collapse


Exceptional paintings and valuable to explore the drama on November 5th. On that day, when she was awakened, the 65 rue d'Aubagne inhabitant, one of the buildings that collapsed for a week in Marseilles, found unusual noises and abnormal cracks within his apartment, located on the fourth floor.

Having taken care of the recording of these new discoveries that talk about extreme deterioration and the rapid deterioration of the building, Abdelghani Mouzid left his home a few moments before the tragedy to go to the trustee before going to work. Ten minutes later, the building falls.

On the way to the trustee

On the morning of November 5, after he had a reflex to record these new cracks, he appeared everywhere in his home at night and in common areas, Abdelghani Mouzid went shortly before 9 AM to go to the commissioner, who is not far from here, Grignan Street, To view these videos and warn of the urgency of the situation.

The 33-year-old boy is far from doubt that a few minutes later will be a miracle. Like a story Provence from November 7thAbdelghani Mouzid is at the height of the rue de Rome, ten minutes after his departure from home, when he hears an enormous pumpkin and sees a huge cloud of dust in the distance, according to rue d'Aubagne.

His building just collapsed, and a thirty-year-old understands him by pulling his steps. "I immediately called my relatives to persuade them, and I said that I was alive, I would not say that I'm a wonder … just a super hyper happy," he said. Provence last week.

Wide cracks

The images taken on 5 November by Abdelghani Mouzid on November 5, and BFMTV acquired, testify to the state of extreme deterioration in which this building was located just before its collapse.

There are a lot of deep cracks in the walls and on the edge of the sink, the cracks that some appeared after the rent. Abdelghani Mouzid struggles to open the front door and kitchen, due to the collapse of the walls. "Really, there is an emergency, and in a few hours it has become even worse," he says, speaking "low noise".

As for the pictures of the joint parts, they show the bearing of the building, whose parts are separated and falling to the ground.

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