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Varicella in adults: symptoms, prevention, risks and treatments


Sheep is an infectious eruptive disease common in children. But in adults who are not immune, this can lead to sometimes dangerous complications.

varicella is an infection caused by the VZV virus (acronym for Varicella Zooster virus). Sheep's nuts are part of the Herpesviridae family. Virus Virus is mainly a benign infantile eruptive disease: very contagious, the disease quickly infects children. It is estimated that 90% of adults have contracted the disease. It is distinguished by the appearance of small specific vesicles that can be strongly pulled. Sheep's storm is an immunizing disease: antibodies stay in the blood, protecting the body, but the virus remains latent in the nerve ganglia. In adults, Norfolk can cause serious complications, including pulmonary disease.

What are the symptoms of chicken milk in adults?

Generally, the incubation period for the niggas is about two weeks. In adults, first signs varicella are often similar to those seen in children. Rasp is characteristic of the disease: these are small vesicles in drops of dew, which will then dry to make the root. They have the specificity of causing severe itching. The ligament often appears at the head and chest level first. A moderate fever may occur before the appearance of the vesicle. The rash may be associated with other symptoms such as flu-like illness. In adults, the Norfolk can also give other signs that should alert you, such as cough, breathing difficulties or haemoptysis (cough with blood).

What are the risk factors for obtaining chicken milk in an adult?

Because an opiate disease in childhood, contact with young children drastically increases the risk of contact and contraction of the disease. It is therefore recommended for women of childbearing potential or a parental project that is vaccinated before the onset of pregnancy. Immunocompromised people are at greater risk of getting into a disease if they are in contact with an infected person. Again, a vaccine is recommended.

How to prevent fat from a garden in adults?

varicella is a very contagious disease. It is transmitted mainly through droplets of infected saliva. The virus quickly enters the airways. Vaccination is recommended for:

  • healthcare workers or early childhood professionals who have not contracted the disease;
  • women in their age (be careful, vaccination is contraindicated in pregnant women);
  • young mothers;
  • teenagers.

In other cases, there is no indication. Currently, there are two types of vaccines against bird vaccine that offer efficiency ranging from 65 to 100%. Vaccination is contraindicated in pregnant women. If an adult has never had variculosis, he / she should avoid contact with infected children as much as possible.

What are the treatments for chicken milk in adults?

First of all, it is necessary to avoid the bacterial superinfection associated with bark scraping. These can be thoroughly disinfected with chlorhexidine. If the cords are infected, the antibiotic can be prescribed. Fever and pain can be calmed by taking paracetamol analgesics, but you should not take antiinflammatories. If itching is too intense, you can use an antihistamine. The use of an antiviral type acyclovir is reserved for complicated variations, for example in cases of varicella pneumonitis. In case of respiratory stress, hospitalization can be considered.

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