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"We do not need heroes"


Journalist, a victim on January 7, 2015, of the attack Charlie Hebdo, described the calvary of his physical and mental reconstruction in a book that is already a great bookshop of success. In May he told his experience figaro.

Prix ​​Femina's jury chose Philippe Lancon laureate 2018 for his book Lambeau. Four other writers were in the race: David Diop with Brother of the soul (Threshold), Gilles Martin-Chauffier for At the time of the suspects (Grasset), Diane Mazloum sa The Golden Age (JC Lattes) and Pierre Notte for Leave the act of assassination (Gallimard). Foreign Femini is assigned Nine hour Alisa Mc Dermota (Kuai Voltaire) and a feminine essay Gaspar from the night Elisabeth de Fontenai (Stock).

"I just did not feel anger." Journalist Philippe Lancon, who believed in the interview figaro On May 11, he attended the editorial conference on 7 January 2015 Charlie Hebdo. He was there when terrorists entered the room and killed twelve lives. He survived, but his fork was destroyed by a bullet. In his book Lambeau, he talks about the temptation of his long-lasting and painful reconstruction, physically or mentally. His work is also in the Renaudot race race.

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"I am neither an interviewer, nor a sociologist, nor a politician, and besides, I am quite a pessimist"

Philippe Lancon

"The book, it's written by itself, with great pleasure, and I had enough problems to overcome writing a mine, without worrying about how it would one day be received," he says, refusing to think about the rewards that his work can receive. I am not an interviewer, neither a sociologist nor a politician, and besides, I am quite pessimistic. Today, I simply say: this event, the transition and the discovery of the life of a man who was a victim and who says so intimately and without cheating, has influenced more readers than I can imagine. "

For Philippe Lancon, Lambeau was not his "way to survive". "Survival took place before, at the hospital, on a daily basis, rehabilitation surgery, and of course with family and friends. I did not start writing Lambeau only when life seemed almost safe, "he says.

"The critical spirit (…) is alive and good"

Philippe Lancon says he wants to be as honest, at risk of giving details that can shock his audience. "I just said, how precisely and intimately this is, the attack that I suffered with others," he adds. For example, if I describe the brain of Bernard Maris, that's because it's the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes after the killers left. (…) To not do it, not to enter into that view, and this vision that opened the door of the next world, was to give up writing. "

"Not only has anger entered the rooms where I fought, but I really believe that, if she was there, she could add only the pain I experienced."

Philippe Lancon

The journalist falls in love with the assault done by a "50-year-old child saturated with torture and pictures" trying to "get caught in the eye like a fire in the night." But he did not "feel angry". "How do you feel about the black legs and the almost sweet voice that says" Allah Akbar "between each single shot? Not only has anger entered the rooms where I fought, but I really believe that if she was there , I could only add the damage I experienced. "

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Philippe Lancon also mentions his visit to the hospital and the support he received. "Surgeons have taught me or recalled the importance of precision, determination, modesty in the face of nature, and that it is necessary to close when there is nothing to say: very good school, he explains. (…) We need a comfortable and efficient system, intelligent and patient with a patient; We do not need heroes. "

Despite all the controversy, Philippe Lancon is sure of one thing: "The critical spirit, the meaning of farce, caricature, second degree, insolence toward all sorts of greatness, power and hypocrisy, all this is alive and well. What died on January 7 are men . "

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