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Why did the evacuation happen before 18:50?

Firefighters near the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, on Tuesday, April 16th. – CELINE BREGAND / SIPA

  • On Monday, April 15, the Notre-Dame fire erupted around 18:50.
  • The cathedral, however, has been evacuated before this final observation of the fire, which raises questions among some Internet users.
  • "20 minutes" returns to the procedure that followed and the chronology of the facts.

In Twitter, users are asked about the real time when the fire started and they want to see a trace of its dubious origin – as its beginning to the monastery's monument is estimated at around 18:50.

"According to testimony @ Le_blog_d_HB the cathedral was evacuated at 18:35 for a fire proclaimed at 18:50 ….. Bizarrally not ….." confirms one of them, a screen shot article from 20 Minutes pointing out that the fire was "about 18:50" and relying on a series of tweets published by Helene Bodenez, an associate professor of letters present at Mass at night fire.

Monday, at 18:35, we are tweeting as follows: "Warn the Lady on Mass Evacuation." Follow the picture taken outside the cathedral, then announce the continuation of the Mass and finally at 18:52: "Re-evacuation. Fire."


If Helene Bodenez did not respond to requests 20 Minutesit applies
an article published on his blog, which describes in detail the progress of these two evacuations. In particular, he says that, shortly after his first arrival at the cathedral, at 18:20, the security device was deployed for over a minute. "Father Carrau did not have time to say much when a kind of alarm sounds alternately, and then a very loud voice that says a silent message in several languages."

She then explains that she has heard "a great noise" that seems to come from a place "in the height and on the left side" before the evacuation evacuates all people present until 18:35. Helene Bodenez then talks about minutes spent outside and closing public spaces, except for a few believers who attended masses: she returns to the interior of the cathedral … before she is again ordered to evacuate her, this time out of screaming.

"Fire, attack?" Let's go without asking for his rest. […] Out again. It sounded a little. Mass is not for tonight. And there, picking up his head, he smokes. Horror. It's about 18:50. The fire was declared, "she continues, allowing a better understanding of the chronology of the discovery of fire.

"Procedure for removing suspicion"

This version of the facts was confirmed by a public prosecutor in Paris, who explained that "the first warning was in 18h20 monitored
procedure for removing suspicion ". Then there was "no fire", Remy Heitz said. It was only in 1843 that fire was "found at the level of the frame".

The procedure for checking suspicions requires anyone who asks the police or firefighters to establish the facts before asking the authorities to travel. The place may be evacuated as a precautionary measure before the facts are directly perceived by its officers, if the witness gives a warning, for example. Then the raising of doubt can not give anything. That's what happened here for a few minutes.

Nothing abnormal, therefore, that the people present in the cathedral were evacuated before the final determination of the fire.

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