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Why Parisians (wrongly) claim VAR in the Champions League – Fil Info – Champions League


In a group with four teams in two points, each number counts. And the details were not in favor of the PSG on Tuesday evening in Naples (1-1) … In this case, Bjorn Kuipers, the Dutch judge of the meeting, was wrong. At least once. Perhaps more to trust Parians. And they did not tell him to turn to the microphone RMC… In this case, there is apparent contact between the Serbian defense counsel Nikola Maksimovic and Hun Bernat on the surface, at 72e minute. At that time, Paris had already recognized equalization. In addition, the judge, however, is perfectly placed, does not bang. However, the Spaniard exaggerates contact, but the error is there. "It's a very important episode in the game. We're waiting for the VAR in the Champions League. With VAR, it's impossible to make these mistakes," Gianluigi Buffon stormed.

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The same applies to President Nasser Al-Khhelai: "We need VAR as soon as possible. We lost two points for two mistakes in the referee." Please note that the PSG PSG president was willing to contact when it comes to Football Leaks. "Frankly, I'm not looking at it because it's really something," he promises. Which act.

There is no offside on an action that brings a Neapolitan punishment

Another mistake caused by "NAK"? Jose Callejon is a bit offside at the start of the action, which resulted in a penalty in his favor. "Callejon is in offside on extraordinary penalties, it is very difficult to accept, and Bernat can be punished … We are not lucky enough to get such a match," writes Thomas Tuchel. Yes, but finally, the Spanish wing has not been formed. It's at the beginning. But Thiago Silva returns to his unsuccessful control. This is an interpretation by Mr. Lannoi, an RMC consultant: "This is not exhausted, because it's clumsiness Thiago Silva who is in the game of the one who was initially in the offside." Paris should have been punished. When it comes to counting, it can cost a lot – and we'll talk again about the benefits of Mr. Kuiper. Recalling, without mentioning conspiracy theory, this arbitration rarely stands for Paris in C1.

Although Mr Kuiper's game is really so bad? Not for the unmanned, obviously … As Carlo Ancelotti nurturing as a monkey in his answer, always on RMC right after the game: "We entered the goal when the time was extended … I think the referee had a good game." In the meantime, there are two more games for everyone in this group playing more irresponsible than ever. There are so many opportunities to redeem and forget arbitrarily unsuitable on Tuesday night in Naples.

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