Saturday , June 3 2023

Aldi in the news: Old Aldi brochure with "Vichskerzen" makes a laugh


For over 100 years, Aldi's discount retailer, which has around 43,400 employees, is already here. Not only in Germany, but in many other countries, the supermarket chain enjoys great popularity. In FOCUS Online news, you receive all information about the Aldi Group.

Thursday, November 15, 21:35: In the freak zone of 2017, online comments are currently being entertained. The user posted the Aldi Sud photo on the Facebook page, which probably shows the older Aldi brochure: you can see it in the world, next to it: "LED real vitch candle".

The buyer writes: "Moin Aldi South We wanted to get some candles for the Christmas season and we came across this exotic specimen. What exactly are Vichs candles? […] Thanks for the quick reply, "he writes.

Aldi Sud replied to the client from the enchantment: "He Sebastian, from what age – and in particular from what area – was this ancient recording shot? Fortunately, modern candles were made from a quality real VAKS, not from … so" , writes the discount and adds hints-emoji.

In fact, the photo from the brochure is not really up to date. Users have already posted the corresponding images on Twitter 2017.

In addition, Aldi stresses, candles are cheaper this year. Aldi's answer continues: "In ALDI Nordu, similar candles are available from Monday, November 26 for only 9.99 euros."

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