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Blizzard wants to talk more about it soon


from the Norbert Ratz
Blizzcon 2018 is likely to be reduced to the finest in Blizzard's analytics, as publishing the next Diablo titles went far beyond the mark that the next Shitstorm is inadequate. Community manager Brandi "Nevalistis" Camel now promises that the team will work on the critique and take over the position on it. Here's the news.

This year's Blizzcon could be a game for fans of Diablo, but it was not even necessary this time. Although it was just Blizzard's twelfth internal exhibition, the devil's announcement did not escape that we were thirteen years after the first Blizzon in 2005. And then the body pierced mercilessly, as we have been reporting several times over the last few days. On the other hand, the Dutch proverb "Vat den Eenen son Uhl, Annern son of Nachtigall" also applies here. The mobile community will definitely accept the Diablo Immortal ad.

The reason for the PR fiasco was not the announcement of a mobile address in the Diablo universe, but because there was nothing more for a much larger PC community. Already in the preparations for this year's Games, Blizzard sparked rumors of the successor to Diablo 3 with a smart video message and caused great expectations. Although warned shortly before the fair, it does not need to be too deceived, but at the moment it brought most Blizzcon tickets and tickets to life that led to a man / woman. Anyone who was encouraged to buy in anticipation of the big Diablo Nevs, should have been furious because of the absence of new Diablo novelties next to Immortal.

The Shitstorm that followed was probably the biggest Blizzard ever experienced. Instead of giving, various questionable actions such as repeatedly setting up Ioutube's extremely poorly rated Diablo Immortal videos or deleting legitimate reviews have made the situation worse. Now at Blizzard headquarters, community manager Brandi "Nevalistis" Camel now promises that the team will carefully look at the feedback from the past few days and comment soon.

What we hear is open. A possible clue could be a "nugget" that "Nevalistis" has already fallen to Blizzcon livestream from "Rhikker": "I can say so much that the next season (2019) will be a lot for Diablo 3. And we have more later that we want to share with you. "With speculation, we are very cautious after this Blizzon, but in terms of words it can be the next most important announcement that revolves around Diablo 3, such as another DLC package.

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