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Champions League: Atletico Madrid – BVB 2: 0! So, not even enough for Bayern – football


Now he caught Dortmund!

BVB loses its first competitive game this season – and under Lucien Favre (61): 0-2 in the Champions League in Atletico Madrid.

Bankruptcy is a good profit. Football football, with which the Spaniards beat the Spaniards and continued to 4-0 two weeks ago, is not much to see this time. Instead, black and yellow are still happy that the defeat is not significantly higher. Captain Marco Reus at DAZN: "Our first defeat, earned in the end."

The BVB's weakest performance under Favre exactly four days before the fall of the Bundesliga against Baiern. Dortmund can retire with seven points in relation to the weakening of the champions.

But with performance like in Madrid it's not even enough for the Baiern problem …

Madness, especially for a quarter of an hour before the break! After Saul 1-0 (33 '), in which Vitsel and Pulisic did not fight well, the defense of Dortmund broke up: Burki runs perfectly against Philip Luis (39) and Griezman (43), Partei hit the crossbar (38. ), Saul fell (41).

Reus: "We controlled the first 25 minutes, by admitting that our game was interrupted, you have to play fast, we did not do it, we were not mentally comparable."

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Photo: JUAN MEDINA / Reuters

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Griezmann (v.) Prevails against Hakimi, strikes left to 2: 0Photo: JUAN MEDINA / Reuters

From BVB nothing is offensive. The only good opportunity is Guerreiro, whose head is from a short distance across the bar (65th). In high vortex attackers Alcacer, Reus and Sancho do not score.

How it works, Griezmann shows. French world champion closes cold ice, suppresses the past with Burki until the decision (80th).

Good news for Dortmund: After 4: 0 in the first game is a direct comparison with BVB. That means: Two more victories against Bruges (28.11.). In Monaco (December 11). Then the Bundesliga club has won the group. Draw against Bruges is enough for the first night round.

But now the whole focus is on the league attack against Baier. Mario Gotze: "An unusual situation for us with a defeat, but it's part of the football, it starts again in the afternoon on Saturday."

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