Saturday , June 3 2023

Chemnitz: "Free Press": threatening the bombs before the appearance of fine fish fillets – politics


A concert with a left punk band fish fillet in Chemnitz was interrupted on Thursday for threat. "There was a telephone threat to the police," a police spokeswoman said Thursday night. Then respondents were invited. The room for the function, an alternative youth center (AJZ), will now be examined. How many people had to leave the building, the police at first could not say. According to "Free Press", he only played the initial procedure when the work was issued.

Singer Jan "Monchi" Gorkov asked the concert guests to stay calm. Mas must seriously threaten, hoping that the concert could continue after a police operation, writes "Free Press".

Also, the scanning of the film "Wild Heart", which concerns a fine fish file, had recently been canceled in Schleswig-Holstein, as there were huge threats.

The film should be screened and considered during the school's weekly cinema in the country. In a nice letter from "Tageszeitung", "grandson of Adolf Hitler" announces that they shoot teachers, "Volksverrater" and blow up cinema. After talks with the police, the cinema canceled the event for security reasons, according to the ministry.

The Punk Band was committed against the law. In October, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation canceled the band's concert at a historic stage in Bauhaus, referring to their home right. The right-wing groups previously mobilized against concerts in social networks. The punk band is considered controversial: It was named a few years ago because of violence against police officers at the Verfassungsschutzbericht Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (Tsp, dpa)

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