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Crash at Franck Ribery: Vatschn's Summit in Bayern Munich – News


Summit in Vatschn in Bayern Munich: Currently deciding on Sabener's way, is Franck Ribery getting a sentence for scandal?

  • On Wednesday, it is a summit in Vatschn in Baiern in Munich.
  • In the Sabran Straße Champion's cabinet, he decides whether Franck Ribery will get a slap in the face for a television expert.
  • After defeating 2: 3 on Saturday in Dortmund, Bayern's player should hit his French compatriot and TV expert Patrick Guillou.
  • On Wednesday, Patrick Guillou came with his television colleague, Jean-Charles Sabattier, in the office of Bavaria. There, Guillou will speak with President Bayern Uli Hoenes and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic about the incident in Dortmund.
  • On Wednesday, former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola arrived on Sabener Road.


13:42: Will Franck Ribery possibly escape without punishment after the Vatschn affair? Torben Hoffmann, a reporter for Ski Sports Nevs HD, reports from Sabener Straße: "To what extent the Bavarians sanction action remains to be seen."

13:24: Is the final decision on punishment for Frank Ribery in the president of Baiern Uli Hoeneß? Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic in the painting announced that Hoeneß will also take care of "removing things".

13:15: Is the Vatschna summit in FC Baiern Munich held today without Franck Ribera? "How far is Franck Ribery involved in this conversation, remains to be seen," reports Torben Hoffmann of Ski Sport Nevs HD. "He's still in training." Maybe the Bavarian chiefs of Ribery gave a chance to comment on the incident in Dortmund before the meeting with Patrick Guillou. It is also possible that Ribery will be heard after a meeting of Bavarian bosses with experts from television in the office.

12:42: According to Torben Hoffmann, a reporter at Ski Sport Nevs HD, at the very beginning of the Vatschna is ongoing between TV experts Patrick Guillou, Uli Hoeneß and Hasan Salihamdzic. "They sat at the table trying to clarify things." According to the Ski report, Franck Ribery was not able to attend the Vatschn sum because he was still trained. The result of the conversation, FC Baiern is likely to announce today with a press release. Funds: Will Franck Ribery punish or not? and if so, how much is that punishment?

After defeating 2: 3 on Saturday in Dortmund, Bayern's player should hit his French compatriot and TV expert Patrick Guillou. On Wednesday, the consequences for Ribera will be considered at Sabener Straße.

Vatschn summit in Bayern Munich: Pep Guardiola on Sabener Straße

12:40: Former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola arrived at Sabener Straße this morning, according to Ski Torben Hoffmann. Ski reporter Torben Hoffmann reports: "He simply visits a former co-worker in the office. He has a flat in Munich, so that's not an unusual process."

12:39: On the way Sabener is currently running Vatsch summit in Minsk. As Reporter Ski reports Torben Hoffmann on Twitter, TV expert Franck Ribery Patrick Guillou arrived on Wednesday morning at the office in Bayern, accompanied by his television colleague Jean-Charles Sabattier. the paintingNewspaper notes: "They are looking for the right entrance, they look tense, enter the service center of the champion record."

According to a tabloid, he had to meet with President Uli Hoeneš and sports director Hasan Salihamidžić. It is unclear whether Ribery is participating in a reconciliation meeting. In the morning he participated in the training of the team.

Vatschn for Ribery: Now a slap in training in Bayern is getting

Munich – Three straw divided, one awarded: This is Vatschen's balance from the past days for Frank Ribery. As reported by Katari TV channel BeIN Sports, an offensive man FC Baiern Munich after bankruptcy in Dortmund was attacked by French TV expert Patrick Guillou. loud the painting Ribery said he had three pimples. As the tabloid reported now, the player introduced training in Bayern even on Tuesday:

the painting describes the scene as follows: "12.24 timer: final match in the public on the Sabener road, Ribery gets in the hands of the younger player Kilian Senkbeila (19) in the face .The Frenchman can react immediately to Florian Brandner, Phisio from U23 in Bayern. With a bottle of water, half so wild. A little later, the training continues for him. "

A tabloid reporting that Ribery should train Baiern on Tuesday "totally concentrated." Does he want to compensate for his lack of discipline in Dortmund with top performance? However, after the training, the Frenchman was supposed to be injured. loud the painting Ribery grabbed the surface of the left thigh / left hip and pointed to problems. After that, he drove into the weight room.

How does this happen in the Bayern Munich attack? According to information in the picture, this week will be held a meeting with President Uli Hoeness, sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, Franck Ribery and striking TV expert Patrick Guillou. It should be decided whether Riberi was punished for his action after the match in Dortmund.

The sender confirms: Franck Ribery attacked television experts

Franck Ribery attacked after defeating FC Baiern Munich in Borussia Dortmund probably by French specialists. the paintingThe news reports on a few slums that the 35-year-old Frenchman said had missed his compatriot and reporter Patrick Guillou. Also, BeIN Sports, a TV channel for which Guillou is working, confirmed the attack in an announcement: "Franck Riberi offended Patrick Guillou and physically attacked him," the station said on the press agency's request AFPNow, President Bayern Uli Hoenes personally accepts the incident.

That's right the painting reports, Hoeness wants to personally care about "things from the world to create" – already announced the tabloid sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. The incident has now become a major priority in Bayern.

Next week, a meeting will be held with Hohenes, Salihamidzic, Ribier and Guilou. the painting writes: "It is only after this conversation that the FC Baiern Riberi should decide whether or not the penalty is fine."

As the newspapers continue to report, the living Franck Ribery lives at the moment. The reason is that he is no longer satisfied with his performances: "Now he's his excellent career (including Vice World Champion 2006). In his newest year, Ribery wanted to attack again, and he trained for summer vacations. he always does not work for him and for Bayern. Like in Dortmund, when he failed to prevent a defeat despite good results. "

Accordingly, Riberi was shot by a French TV expert Guillou three times after blaming him for two Dortmund targets.

Fall for Frank Ribery in Bayern: Not the only incident?

This should not have been the only incident to the picture, in which the Frenchman exaggerated: "Also in the cabin on the road Sabener Riberi said he had a dispute with longtime fitness trainer Thomas Wilhelmie."

It is said that Ribery is the foster son of Hoeneß. The president of Bavaria should also always have an open voice for the French concern: "Whether it's a problem with an appropriate coach (Ancelotti's example, he was throwing a jersey with unpainted legs) or a new contract." The next he read in the report: "But now he is making an old Ribery for unrest in the team and damaging the reputation of the club. Does Hoeneß solve the problem?"

Franck Ribery: Did Bayern Munich win a TV specialist?

Discussion with the expert from TV: Franck Ribery bangs?

What exactly happened after the defeat in Borussia Dortmund between player Bayern Frank Ribery and French TV expert Parik Guillou? Sport Director Baiern Hasan Salihamidzic confirmed the paintingNovina is an incident. "Franck Ribery informed us that he had a dispute with his compatriot Patrick Guillou, for whom he has been well known for many years," said Sports Director FC Baiern. Guillou, who himself was a footballer, worked as an expert on the Qatari channel BeIN Sports,

"We agree with Patrick Guillou on Saturday night that we will immediately discuss the face-to-face meeting on how to get this issue out of the way." Mr. Guillou has already signaled that this is in his interest, "Salihamidzic continued.

It remains unclear exactly what happened in the Iduna Park signal after 2: 3 defeat FC Baiern Munich in Borussia Dortmund. Clearly it can come to professionals of the record frustrations champion, which confirms the traditional scenes from Munich. One that obviously started: Franck Ribery. That's right the painting reported, they came far to the last whistle to the scandal. Before the team bus FC Baiern, the French wings with a French TV expert and reporter Patrick Guillou to be together.

As reported by Bild journalist, Ribery was even visible on Saturday night at 9.20 pm against French TV experts. According to the tabloid newspaper, it should have happened in front of the exit at the Signal Iduna Park bus: "Suddenly (as more witnesses and witnesses agree), Ribery starts to insult Guillou. Then the football pro player was a TV man, who had two hands in his pockets, three times hit his face in his face and once struck in front of his chest. The stars of the former Baiern Jean-Pierre Papin (55), also a Bein expert, stand beside, Rafinha (33). Short turmoil, angrily Ribjeri enters the bus. "

The news channel n-tv writes about the incident: "The scene was taking place at an angle behind the driver's side. Those who did not stand right next to him, can hardly estimate whether Riberi actually became tangible. The fact is: he was so angry that few people had to keep him. When he got into a bus in Bayern, he turned again twice, stood on the stairs and again waved his hand.

Face Slapping for TV Specialists? Why is Franck Retire Ribery?

After the incident he manages the painting now provoke research. Why is Franck Ribery right after the Dortmund game, but the tabloid can not enlighten. So, the image plus the article "Reasons for fishing australia" just a few hits.

Ribery interviewed in 2017: "When I go to court, I want to have fun, play well and then feel at home home, and then I'm happy." If I play bad and lose, I'm really angry, I will always stay on that road. "Is that enough for an explanation?

In addition, accent the paintingthat Ribery has difficult relations with the French media. For example, after he left the French national team in 2014, he has not spoken to the media in his country for four years. The newspaper quoted Ribery as saying: "I will never forget that in some media. This scar is deep and will not disappear." But is it enough to explain why the Baiern player should appear to French TV expert Patrick Guillou?

Vahiba Ribery remembers on Instagram during Baierne's TV debate

So far, both Riberi and Guillou did not want to comment on what happened in front of the bus exit at Signal Iduna. Apparently, Ribery was angry at the analysis of a television man, who confessed to his compatriots two of the three Bavarian targets.

Wahiba Riberi, wife of Bayern Prosa, has already submitted during the match in the comments of the Instagram story at the League League. "This incompetence has deterred me," the player robbed Judge Manuel Grafe.

And for Guillou Vahib was a ready comment on the social network. "PS: Mr. Sabatier, do not forget to change your colleague, he is boring and useless." Jean-Charles Sabattier (with two "t"; SCHOL. the mind. Row.) is a Guillous fellow on the TV station BeIN Sports,

One thing is certain, at least thanks to bankruptcy in Dortmund and the incident with Ribery: surely you will not be boring the next days in Bayern.

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