Sunday , November 28 2021

Diablo 4: After shining before publication


In the last two weeks, a lot of talk about Blizzard and Diablo: about defects in the strategy, about the conflict between PC gamers and mobile games, about the fake hippie and, of course, about the shit with which some fans have an overflowing blizzard. However, one aspect is completely lost: Diablo Immortal does not mean that Diablo 4 is not yet in operation. Comment.

It's clear that fans – especially in the field of hardware PC gamers Blizzard at the BlizzCon – also expect interesting news about the big brands of Blizzard. with Varcraft 3: Reforged Blizzard also made a very difficult announcement on a barely noticeable brand for some time. This announcement is generally well received.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (Ks1 & PS4)However, the latest announcement by the Diablo Universe is shared by ghosts. Blizzard actually announced a new game in Diablo Universe: Diablo Immortal. However, the supposed problem is this Diablo Immortal for smartphones and tablets. Yes, Diablo Immortal becomes a mobile game. Yes, Diablo Immortal This is a type of game that can be awaited by any Blizzard fan. Yes, Blizzard works with Chinese company Netease Diablo Immortal, Yes, Diablo Immortal It looks like it looks like some of the already available titles from Netease. Yes, that Blizzard still does not have specific statements about the business model behind Diablo Immortal It looks strange.

But highlighting these problems and mistakes is not enough. Looking at a somewhat larger frame, it is logical that Blizzard wants to have a part of a growing mobile game cake. Working with a partner who works with Blizzard on the market and monetization of games in Asia for several years is probably more understandable than getting a new partner on board. It is understandable that Blizzard is investing some resources in the development of this game. But that does not mean that Blizzard does not work in the opposite direction Diablo 4 or one Remake Diablo 1 or 2 because of. It's much more likely that the really new part of Diablo is actually working. The fact that Blizzard has been publishing job advertisements for Diablo projects for several years is unlikely to be alone Diablo Immortal and that Nintendo Swatch Port Diablo 3 let me explain.

Diablo 3 banner

The key to the whole issue is Blizzard's blog on blog that was published some time before Blizzcon:

"We know exactly what many of you are hoping for and can only say good things for a little while, but bad things often take a little longer, so please be patient, our teams are working hard to create nighttime experiences to please Lord Teror."

Blizzard is aware of the fact that fans are waiting for a real new Diablo. All the troubles, however, are not a reason to develop during the presentation on the stage or to launch a new game, whose overall development has in any case been decided by the management, and less than the designer of the games, at the question-and-answer session as April Fools.

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