Saturday , April 1 2023

Edeka closes Albi-Verk | Ulm | SVR Nevs Baden-Vurttemberg | SVR Nevs


Bad news for about 70 employees – the Albi-based fruit juice maker in Berghulen (Alb-Donau-Kreis) will be closed next year, Edeka said on Monday.

As the food company Edeka, to which Albi belongs, she said that the work of this site was uneconomical. This resulted in intense testing during the year, it says.

Just recently taken over

Food company Edeka Albi took over at the beginning of the year, the Berghulen juice manufacturer was as good as the slam. Now the Eden subsidiary "Sonnlander" wants to gradually switch production to Rostock.

The future of employees

The operation in Berghulen-Buhlenhausen should be closed at the end of March 2019, but the Albi brand will be retained. Discussions on the social plan are currently in progress with the Workers' Council. According to Edeki, offers for employment in other areas of the Group are examined.

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