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Focus on Elon Musk: NASA wants to test security in SpaceKs and Boing

NASA is planning to launch an intensive Boeing and SpaceKs analysis early next year to ensure the safety of its intended flight planes. Hundreds of interviews with employees examine corporate culture Washington Post,

The reason for the measure, which should further delay the schedules of both companies, is therefore the behavior of SpaceKs CEO Elon Musk in the last few weeks and months. His comments on Twitter were preceded by him he tried Tesla's presidency.

NASA in 2014 named Boeing and SpaceKs to develop transport capsules for aircraft flights. With billions in financial support, NASA also wanted to end its dependence on Russian capsules Soyuz. However, there have recently been suspicions of the layout of both companies, since in fact employment flights should begin in 2018.

SpaceKs and Boeing are currently planning their first unmanned flights with SpaceCaps Dragon (SpaceKs) and Starliner (Boeing) in the spring of 2019. A few months later, the test flights followed. NASA Aries Development Orion is not yet ready, it should finish its first unmanned flights in 2010.

Presentation of the Dragon V2 gateway for flights from the airport in May 2014
(Image: SpaceKs)

With intensive research, NASA wants to ensure that companies ensure job security requirements, said spokesman Bob Jacobs now an American newspaper. He also includes commitment to drug-free environments, he added – obviously with the goal of handling Elon Musk using marijuana. He, among other things, consumed an interview in a marijuana in California. It's legal, but it looks different across the country.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstein said now that it must be ensured that the public believes in space ship programs: "We have to show the American public that we are just packing astronomers on a rocket, if they are safe."

In the meantime, Elon Musk has caused a lot of excitement: in Twitter he said that the design of the planned giant missile BFR it changed again drastically was. In addition, the project has been renamed: the rocket is now called "Super Heavi", a space ship "Starship".

It's still not clear how SpaceKs wants to fund this huge project. Everyday business, which now works smoothly, does not bring enough profits. As early as 2023, SpaceKs wants to fly the first space traveler in the star to the month with a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa.


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