Saturday , June 3 2023

Heidi Klum gives instructions, Tom Kaulitz spurts


Everyone who has always wondered who has the words about Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, now receives the answer – in a very special video.

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The starting signal for the 14th season of the "German next top model" fell and provided Heidi Klum to travel to Germany. Her friend Tom Kaulitz left a hard heart in her American adopted home. But now two wild birds rejoin and enjoy the common weather. What does it look like? That's what Heidi Klum shows on a video she shared on Instagram. And you can clearly see who wears pants in this regard.

For their gathering, Heidi Klum and her 16-year-old younger friend, Tom Kaulitz, laid a quick floor on the floor – in an unusual look and with heavy announcements by the GNTM boss. It left nothing to the coincidence and encouraging Tokio Hotel musicians. Separations caused by conflicts were also on the agenda, but only fun. Because Heidi wants to dance.

Heidi Klum arrives

"He, he, not stop, he," Heidi Klum motivated his dance partner as he turned and circled her. "Yes, yes, yes," excited the German supermodel. A thief who thinks about something other than a lush dance in these sounds.

On Instagram, a four-month-old mother commented on the line with a line from the song: "You feel like I'm dancing," she wrote, and her fans are so excited about the romanticity. "Oh, God, that's sweet," the user writes. "You're such a wonderful couple, it's so fun to watch you," says another fan of the two. He even wants to know, "Did he practice the wedding?"

However, Heidi Klum obliges fans to answer this question. At least that would not surprise you. After all, both the model and the musician are divorced and therefore they could celebrate every wedding – at least theoretically.

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