Wednesday , July 6 2022

How well did Apple's new products win?


Apple has rejected a review of all new products. That means: For several hours, he greeted reviews and test reports on the iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air.

First of all: all three devices are well drained. Because all three praise in terms of performance and in assessing new features at the highest level. But in assessing other aspects, such as price, release time or target audience, there are many critical voices.

The iPad Pro Reviev

Let's start with the iPad Pro. It was agreed: This is an incredibly powerful product. It always leaves the MacBook in the shadows and old iPads or all iPhones. Crazy is fast. To the extent that even demanding games and applications simply can not use full performance.

The new iPad Pro could be the first iPad that is really too fast to take advantage of the entire chipset. Why? iPhone! Many testers suspect that this is the best iPad that can be imagined, although it would never be able to replace the MacBook. Others believe that Apple does not want it. Instead, it is currently in the process of creating a new category of mobile device.

Some sort of great pill. But it must be able to fight against the laptop, at least one or two years of software development. Efficient multi-tasking and the use of multiple content at the same time as working with windows has not yet reached the iPad. Yet.

Because this new iPad Pro has made another step towards the future. Not in the direction of the future, in which the iPad is replacing the Mac, but the future, in which the iPad, due to completely new capabilities, crosses the pure tablet category.

People who have already established a way to work with new tools and otherwise. It looks like it's used on Apple Pencil with iPad Pro set straight on a white background. But after a few hours she did things in this new way, she felt natural. I'm working on a video that felt new, and the lamps wandered in my head as if they were not. – Mashable

I still do not think that Apple is doing enough in software that supports the speed and versatility offered by hardware in the iPad Pro. This is only part of what is possible […] – TechCrunch

Apple is not wrong to call the future. Ask any two-year-old who already knows how to use it. It simply needs to determine the finger experience for the generation that is built to work with the mouse and the tape […]

When Apple first popularized the mouse in the 80's, it demanded so many movements in the wrist. When the iPhone first arrived, people complained about the physical keyboard.

I'm sure we'll look at the iPad Pro at the same time, but there are still some to develop. Until then, return my mouse. – The Washington Post


On the Mac, the conclusions are easier to reduce. Mac Mini is praised. Apple basically did everything in order. You can again recommend Mac Mini and the price is absolutely good for performance.

MacBook Air also strives in that direction. Many see it as MacBook Pro for the average consumer. Just a few doubts that you should put a few euros for the 13 inch MacBook Pro without TouchBar on it. However, where it agrees: Apple should have brought this new MacBook Air for years on the market. For the market, you're a little behind the thin 13 inch computers and just got caught.

If you have always been one of the pioneers of the MacBook Pro with high performance, the question is right: Will Apple break away from the pioneering mode for thin notebooks for all?

When I started to test the new MacBook Air, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should compare with him. For an additional $ 100, you can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a powerful processor and a bright screen that just weighs 0.27 pounds more […]

Is that […] like 13-inch MacBook Pro (sans Touch Bar), only with cheaper parts? After all, you can hardly separate them. – Version

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