Wednesday , August 10 2022

In Baden-Württemberg: helicopter crash: three people killed – news


In a light helicopter crash, according to the first findings of the police, three people were killed near Buchen in the north of Baden-Württemberg. “The waste field is huge,” a local police spokesman said. It stretches for hundreds of meters in the middle of the forest.

The background of the fall is still unclear

The background of the fall is still unclearPhoto: Einsatz-Report24

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A spokesman is not known if anyone is missing. The background of the accident is also unclear. Investigators would have to find out where the Robinson R44 helicopter started from. Then there would probably also be an indication of how many people were on board.

Numerous emergency services were at the scene of the accident. “The situation is extremely depressing,” a police spokesman said. “Frankische Nachrichten” reported on the Internet that the mayor of the city in the district of Neckar-Odenwald, with about 18,000 inhabitants, Roland Burger, took a picture of the place of the accident 50 kilometers east of Heidelberg.

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