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Meghan Markle unpleasant: an unpleasant fauk dog! Duchess Meghan makes a laugh


From his wedding to Prince Harry Meghan Markle to become the true style of the icon. Women around the world desperately try to copy their appearance. No wonder her clothes are usually sold out within hours after they were photographed in them. But even with a fashion professional such as Duchess Meghan, something went wrong, as shown by the current appearance of the 37-year-old.

Meghan Markle humiliated at Roial Albert Hall

Together with her husband Prince Harry and other family members, the baby was on Saturday, November 10th, when the Roial British Legion Memorial Festival in Roial Albert Hall appeared. At first glance, the ex-actress looked incredible chic. In the black dress of Stella McCartney, who cleverly hid her baby, thanks to the large port, Meghan Markle was undoubtedly a real attraction. However, the Duchess of Saseksa made an unpleasant wrong step in Roial Albert Hall.

Fashion fauc dog! The Duchess Meghan's dresses are laughing

Despite her glamorous appearance, Meghan's small accident cases were not undiscovered. In the photos, British Mirror published on its website, it is obvious: Meghan's skin color is covered with dark spots. Also, in the choice of the colors of his panthehose, Meghan obviously re-used, numerous royal pendants. On Twitter, Meghan's unsuitable pantalose for coloring made a lot of laughter. One person wrote: "Meghan puts her big" Stella McCartney "coat from Cardiff's visit and I can only look at her trousers." Another Twitter user added: "What happened to Meghan Markle's dresses, did you sprinkle your wine?"

Royal fans protect Prince Harry's wife

However, other Royal fans have found the critics extremely insulting and pointed out how difficult it is to find the pins that match your color. "I'm so sorry, Meghan Markle, because each of her moves is thoroughly examined because it's American, the most common, mature and multiracial, and now they're talking about skin color shades that are not very skin color, which is a common problem for colored women, is discussed by another Twitter user. Another added: "Do not we have any better talk than pantheism Meghan?"

Not the first fashion mistake step Meghan Markle

This is not the first time that the Duchess has been attacked for choosing a pantheism. In May she wore similar pants in the Buckingham Palace and was criticized for doing so. Since then, Meghan Markle has shown her bare feet in public. But then, the Duchess Meghan is not always positively positive. On his journey through New Zealand, Meghan made headlines with not just a slipstreambut also with his bare feetEven the king is just a normal person!

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