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Mission in Berlin: SEK storms at Rigaer Straße



Use in Berlin SEK storms in the street in Riga

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Special forces burned up a occupied house in Berlin

Early in the morning, special police forces wounded several occupied houses in Berlin. About 500 policemen are said to have been involved, especially in the Rigaer Straße in the district of Friedrichshain.

Early morning action: 560 police searched Berlin's left-wing extremists, including the notorious Rigaer Straße. Suspects are charged with a dangerous attack.

PWith a large crowd, the Berlin police searched four apartments on suspicious leftist extremists on Thursday. About 560 heavily armed officers arrived in the morning on Rigaer Straße, Grunberger Strasse (both Friedrichshain), Reichenberger Strasse (Kreuzberg) and Maibachufer (Neukolln), a spokesman for the police said. Four suspects were found, one of whom was temporarily arrested. The mission ended in the morning.

Investigators sought evidence in accordance with a serious act of violence in May this year. The owner of a late sale in Kreuzberg then attacked several people, beaten and beaten because he could not hand over the package to women, a spokeswoman said. The assailants escaped.

The prosecution investigates for serious bodily injuries and has seven alleged perpetrators in the sights. The scope of the evidence obtained was not yet clear.

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Police operation at Rigaer Straße 94 in Berlin at the end of March 2018

Senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), stressed that there is no political background for searches. "There was a crime and this is being processed," said a spokesman for the senator. "To live in Rigaer Straße 94, does not protect against prosecution." In the RBB's information radio, the use of SPD politicians as an investigation into the criminal milieu was determined.

Signature: 350 policemen and helicopters

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Rigaer Straße in Berlin is famous for its left autonomous scene. For the planned arrest, 350 police officers and helicopters were in use. Another wanted man was arrested.

Source: VORLD / Lukas Akiopoulos

Police are increasingly attacking Riga Street, which are increasingly present there. The dispute, especially around Rigaer Strasse 94, has been going on for years. At home, the Kadterschmiede association has now come to court that the Autonomous Pub can remain, although there is no lease. It was originally approved in June 2016.

The police supported the owner of the house, said Frank Henkel (CDU), the then Senate of Internal Affairs. The action has led to the day of immortal and angry protests of the scene.

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