Monday , March 27 2023

Mittelstadt: After the layoff, Hertha collapsed – Sports News


Directly from the news channel DPA

Düsseldorf / Berlin (dpa / bb) – I would like to secretly, quietly move away from here. Then Makimilian Mittelstad spoke briefly about the scene just before half time when he got another yellow and thus a yellow-red card. Before the 21-year-old Berliner pleaded, others have already ruled after 1: 4 Herta BSC in Fortuna Dusseldorf.

As "naïve" coach Herta Pal Dardai described the behavior of his young player, who twice warned of a mistake. Also, the messenger Karim Rekik said that the dismissal turned the match. "He is a young player and he has to learn from it," said Dutch.

He always acted nervously, but rarely had unpaid games that had such consequences. By the time the match was canceled, the result was 0: 0. "In my eyes, this was not a yellow-red card, I went with my opponent – of course, I put my hand a little, the judge can judge this as a violation, but if it gives him yellow, to distribute 25 yellow and five red cards in the game, "Mittelstadt said after the match.

To the left, this was after a yellow-red card in Regionalligi Nordost a year ago, another field reference.

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