Thursday , May 19 2022

National team: Challenge of Marc-Andre and Stegen to Manuel Neuer! – Football


Despite the announcement by national coach Yogi Lough that Manuel Neuer will be his number one at the European Championship 2020, Marc-Andre and Stegen have not yet given up their fight for the German goal.

"I want to exert pressure on Yogi Lov to decide for me and I'm the number one goal," Stegen said in an interview with SPORT BILD. "All I can do is to perform well, to be at the absolute top in terms of physical and mental health, and ultimately to continue the change in the national team to the goalkeepers."

As a speaker, goal number one in Barcelona in a duel, however, will not be perceived, it's not his style. Ter Stegen: "This has to do with respect. I do not want to notice that I open my mouth wide. But that should not hide my attitude. I want to be the best goalkeeper in Germany. I want to stand in the national team. I want to change the current status. I'll give it all up for it! "

A detailed interview with Marc-Andre and Stegen can be found in the current edition of SPORT BILD (available from Wednesday onwards).

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