Thursday , June 1 2023

Pink: Husband Carey Hart takes up arms


Man Singer Pink (39, "Funhouse"),
Carey Hart
(43), wants to take drastic measures against looting. In his official Instagram account, a former motorcycle expert set up a combat picture showing him and other neighbors armed. Apparently, they have established a cautious approach to protecting objects in the area affected by serious forest fires. If necessary, he would obviously shoot at the robbers.

According to him, criminals around Malibu are looting and robbing villas there. Electricity has decreased in large parts of the city, so according to press reports, most alarm systems in the super-rich neighborhood no longer function. Although 300 police officers are constantly patrolling for security, for Harry and his friends, it seems obviously not enough.

It's sad that some people want to use the crisis of others, writes Hart. However, as a robber, you need to think carefully about whether to come to Malibu, it says about the number of guns and pistols in the picture. Pink and her husband have been living in Malibu for many years. Their villa has been saved by fire so far, unlike the real estate of other well-known personalities
Thomas Gottschalk
Gerard Butler
Miley Cyrus
(25) or also
Robin Thicke

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