Wednesday , December 8 2021

Prince Charles: How it Changed! He is so happy to work with his grandson Prince Louis to bet


Grandpa and grandson in one picture. Magazine Sundai Times published the brightest picture of Prince Charles and his grandson Prince Luiz. And we wonder who's more likely to shine.

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Prince Charles (70), the magazine Sundai Times published pictures showing the British successor on the throne, who would once take the lead, on the other hand: namely, as a dear grandfather. Chris Jackson, who had photographed the royal family for over 15 years, had the opportunity last year to capture the life of a prince on the camera. In an interview for, he says that Hercallerliebst has just completed a photo between Prince Louis and his grandfather.

He caught a bit of the video we received a few days ago – and many rode out of their role.

Deda Vales is in her element

Prince Charles is currently home to many roles. Except for the role of ecological and philanthropic, he is mainly on the road as waiting for the king. However, the role in which the 70-year-old feels most comfortable is "Grandpa Wales". His grandchildren call him Prince George (5) and Princess Charlotte (3). And in the sunny September afternoon, when the grandchildren are in the gardens of their grandparents in the gardens of Clarence's house, there is a sweet picture in which Charles appears to have been exchanged with his grandson Prince Louis.

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