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PS4 Pro: The new CUH-7216B model in the volume test


PS4 Pro: The new CUH-7216B model in the volume test

The new PS4 Pro series with the model number CUH-7200 or in this country CUH-7216B was initially offered only in the Red Dead Redemption 2 package. In the meantime, the new hardware version is also available as a stand-alone version of the commercial. No noticeable technical or visual changes.

However, it can be seen that the new PS4 Pro model CUH-7216B is significantly quieter than the load from the previous models. Although the noise of the fan has reached a level that can be submitted, some users now sound an audible whistle.

CUH-7216B: The Silent PS4 Pro

After discussions and testimonies about the noise of the new PS4 Pro on various Internet forums, the technical experts of Digital Foundry took over this issue. With different PS4 Pro models, they performed the appropriate tests. It has been found that the CUH-7216B version is the quietest model of the Sony high-end console series.

"The PlaiStation 4 Pro has revolutionized rendering for displaying higher resolution and has created some incredible games," said Digital Foundry. "The sound of launch models is really boring. The CUH 7100 has improved things, but now we have a new Pro – and it's the toughest version so far."

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So, if you are thinking about buying PS4 Pro, you should be careful to get the latest model as the price will remain unchanged at around $ 400. However, in a few weeks, however, you should expect some better prices in the context of the so-called Black Black Deals. See the details of checking the sound of the new PS4 Pro in the video analysis of Digital Records:

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