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PS5 for only 200 euros: what is behind the Iello offer


Delivery bottlenecks continue to be difficult for those interested in the PS5. But the current deal promises a cure.

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Still no Playstation 5 in the living room? A change of electricity supplier may pave the way for a new console. You can find out more about connections here.

The corona pandemic also has an impact on PS5 production and delivery. Due to bottlenecks in delivery, many currently have to be patient: stocks in (online) retail are still running out fast, and waiting times when ordering can make tension or patience. The current agreement is of interest to the Playstation community: Iello -Strom wants to attract customers with a very special bonus – PS5 *!

Some see it as a good way to get to the PS5 faster. For others, it is a marketing ploy by a company that wants to make a profit based on the suffering of Playstation fans. Here you can find out exactly what the agreement looks like and what attention the interested parties must provide.

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How useful is the Iello PS5 offer? A comparison of electricity tariffs is worth it

Portal According to the German electricity and gas provider, Iello currently offers a green tariff for electricity or gas, including a PS5 drive with a drive and an annual subscription to PlayStation Plus. That is, so to speak, the bonus you get when you cancel the new tariff. In terms of costs, users of this agreement will have to pay a one-time fee of 199 euros for the PS5 in addition to the monthly electricity fee.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the Iello PS5 offer makes sense. It is useful to check your current electricity bill: Tariff comparison, which you can easily do through one of the free tariff comparison portals, shows whether it is worth switching from the current provider. If you still want to change your electricity supplier, a deal for the Iello PS5 might be appropriate. Portal however, it advises that the console be purchased individually. It should be noted that the console is delivered to Yell only four weeks after signing and confirming the contract. This must be taken into account, considering that in the next few weeks and months, it will probably be easier to get the NektGen console at a normal price, according to Netzvelt’s forecast. (Too) * is an offer of the company IPPEN.MEDIA.

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