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Radio Hamburg Cinema Podcast – Listen to the movie podcast and win 3k2 tickets for "Fantastic Beasts 2"


Radio Hamburg Cinema Podcast

In the end, a new podcast episode is here. And listen, it's worth it because we have 3k2 cards for "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's Crime."

Finally it's time again – for a bit of time in the cinema. This time traveling through the most famous universes leads us to what the film and the world of books can offer: Potter versum. Then we continue with the slapstick station, with the station at Horror-Hausen until it reaches the final destination: a dramatic village with a gravel comedy. Start watching the movie reviews of our Christian Christian Austin filmmaker and get a chance to win one of the 3k2 tickets for "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelsvald's Crime."


If you saw the first part of "Fantastic Beasts," you probably remember one of the last scenes in the movie: Grindelvald (Johnny Depp) is caught by Nevt Scamander (Eddie Redmaine) and ends in jail.

The first story of the new film has already told us that Grindelwald wants to destroy peace between wizards and muggles after gaining a vision that he just predicts. He leaves the prison and asks the followers to help him in his plans against the non-wizard.

His good old friend Dombledor (Jude Lav) could have stopped him, but he defended himself for being friends for years with Grindelvald. He gets help from Nevt Scamander and his brother, Tesus Skamander (Callum Turner). Together with Jakob (Dan Vogler), Tina (Katharine Waterster) and Kueenie (Alison Sudol), all of whom we know from the first part, Nevt begins a spectacular adventure.


A man who has always worked well without the certificate leaving the school cancels an accident and has to look for a new job. He has already found a way to become a stockbroker. However, this is not without a degree, which is now increasing at school in the evening. However, the former nerd boss is now the director, who now wants to make life difficult.


The young dancer goes to Germany to complete the training there in a famous dance ensemble. She quickly makes friends with her companion and under the leadership of Madame Blan she is making great progress. But soon strange things happen, especially since the young dancer finds out that the other mysteriously disappeared. Soon there will be a mystery of a dance school that is not from this world.


A man named Duncan, who has been publishing an album for years, with the help of singer and writer Crowe. But Duncan's girlfriend Annie was not even convinced of the album and wrote a negative review of it. Then the Blood personally personally with her and soon there is incredible chemistry between them. Will they become more?

Secure 3k2 cards for "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelvald's Crime"

Have you been warned? Then you certainly have no problem answering the question of competition. Because with it and with the data entry in the form below, you get the chance to one of three dual cards. You can take part by November 16 at 12 o'clock. Between 12 and 14 hours the winners among all participants were drawn with the correct answer and informed by telephone. If you are not personally available, the right to profit will be lost.

Participation in the competition is possible from 18 years.

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